Monday, June 25, 2012

My School Sports Day

Our School Sports day quite Interesting!
This is the first time ..
i attend the sports day as a teacher..
yala.. I used to be student kan.. hehe~

Its really2 nice and awesome..
It was held at Likas Sports Complex!
We start at 7++ moning..
So, i came bfore 7 or exact? forgot d..
Bersemangat ba.. hehe
Siap pakai bju EURO oren lg.. haha!!

Ok straight to the point,
this is the pic that sy sempat ambi
during the sports practice and sports day..
Biasa2 seja la.. bcoz i just use camera hp kn..
So just a few of it..
Take a look.. :D

All the rainbow parade!

The Marching of Golden Lion, Blue Fox & Red Eagle. The winner is #BlueFox

Starring2 Sukan.

Final high-Jump. #Assistant

There's a lot more picta that I couldn't Uplode.
Nevermind! So this is what i usually do..
Enjoying career as a teacher!