Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tagged By Kyoo...

1~snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse
2~Introduce your purse brand,price n where u buy
Erm...my purse brand? Levi's kot..price dia nda taw Oo..
..sbb bkn aku yg bli kan..wakakaka~
Not me yg bought..hence, i duNNo where the heLL
that thing come from.. waa, mcm mrh ja kan~ ngeeehehe..

3~take out whatever its inside ur purse

Naa~...semak kan..teda2 jugak smua tu..hahaha..

4~tagged other 7 person

1. Macik Atun
2. Sis Ann
3. Sis aYa
4. DevilBoy??
5. c Bos DanisoN
6. Thommy
7. Lord...tba2 neh..wakaka

5~Comment on ur fren's (who tagged u) purse..

emmm...mntap La ko..he
bah..Orait...hehehe..just do this tag for fun k..;-)


  1. knapa sih kamu letak devilboy??....

  2. at last buat juak kAw 'assignment' kaw nie..huhu :p