Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back with a song hahahah!

Hye all.
After a long silent from blogging,
now im back!
with still being a guy next door, 

and how i used to be :D

i think, its almost 5 months i didnt
update my greeny page. LOL xD
but now, just wanna tell u guys,
we r having such a long school holidays,
which sometimes,
make us feel bored and to think n act
something crazy! haha.

But..but..wait a sec..
singing? is it crazy thing to do? no bha kann..
hahah.. i just wanna test my voice.. no offense!
i know theres a lot of pitching probs
but i just wanna do it!!! for fun :)
bcoz i couldnt go &
yell like a mad cow at Kbox, right NOW!!
hahahahhahahah (Evil Laugh)! >:D

just a minute of "more than words" song.

Christmas song.. is yet to come..maybe!
(Nooooo bilang..say
Btw, Happy Advent y'all and Happy day ahead!


Monday, June 25, 2012

My School Sports Day

Our School Sports day quite Interesting!
This is the first time ..
i attend the sports day as a teacher..
yala.. I used to be student kan.. hehe~

Its really2 nice and awesome..
It was held at Likas Sports Complex!
We start at 7++ moning..
So, i came bfore 7 or exact? forgot d..
Bersemangat ba.. hehe
Siap pakai bju EURO oren lg.. haha!!

Ok straight to the point,
this is the pic that sy sempat ambi
during the sports practice and sports day..
Biasa2 seja la.. bcoz i just use camera hp kn..
So just a few of it..
Take a look.. :D

All the rainbow parade!

The Marching of Golden Lion, Blue Fox & Red Eagle. The winner is #BlueFox

Starring2 Sukan.

Final high-Jump. #Assistant

There's a lot more picta that I couldn't Uplode.
Nevermind! So this is what i usually do..
Enjoying career as a teacher!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Life Just Now :)

Long time din update..
busy busy,
lazy lazy lazyyy.. hahaha..

ok the moment i got my mood
back to start blogging,
i must keep on going. hell yeah!! :D

Ok, for last week (the last was yesterday)
i went to a row of dinner..haha
~> 1st one dinner at my friend's old school
held in putera ballroom, Bukit padang.
~> Join my CSG dinner, which is Malam Seribu Kenangan,
held in CSG Centre, KK.
~> Sudden join for dinner celebration by Daughter
of St.Paul at CSG Centre, KK. We get to know
more seminarian from Philippines. Awesome!! xD
~> Then, join My friend's dinner for her baptism
Thanksgiving & appreciation, held
in Parish hall of SHC, KK.
~> Then, we go to Funfair. Having fun, but its not fair!
some can play more than others! wakakaka. JOKEs!
~> We went to Century hotel and lepakz2..until
mo0orning! waa.. Nice one !

But then, i have my first day training
at Infectious Disease Unit, Hosp.Queen 1,
Hill side... That time, I came with
"mamai2" feeling.. u know that?
Forget it, haha.
We learn much about malaria research.
We'll be having 1 week training.. O my gosh!
I've burnt my school holiday!
And i know there must be a reason for all of these!
Into your hand, God =)
Well, after get my ass back home today,
I feel so damn tired, bored, exhausted, etc.
Sleep for 3 hours then. Wakakaka.
Ow mennn.. I likeee.. ;p
Bangun2, go eat. hungry tahap dewa haha xD

Then now i cant sleep.
Wait for my sleepy mode to be switched ON~
ngehehehhe.. bored :'(
Before i leave, i just wanna wish u all...



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Its about movies!

Halo all!!
its been a while since i updating my blog
bout 2 months ago.. and its hell yeah!
hahahaha~ Nvrmind.. now im back!

As we all know..
fews movie came out and gives huge impact
to us.. the audience!
and for me, im attracted to 3 of this movies~
(a) The Avengers
(b) The Cabin In The Woods
(c) Battleship

Hmm.. u notice sumthing??
ya felt like this kind of formal way kan..
siap ada a, b, c lagi.. LOL
ignore it.. (skema kan..haiz) :p

These 3 movies are the awesome and will b
the awesomesttt (non exist word ar..jan gna d exam k) :p
for this whole 5 months of 2012 la..
For me ar.. klau kamu x stuju, p terjun parit..
wakakak.. joking ar.. :p

Sya kasi 4.2/5 stars.. :p

Sa kasi 3.9/5 stars (sbb alien dia sa bonci) :p

Jeng3.. trus ni yg sa paaaaaaling suka!!

 Ini knun sa bagi 4.5/5 stars :p

Ini la knun staring2 dia.. hehehe

Ini babak2 awal yg sa prasan org rmai tgk kn.. trus senyum2 knun dorg.. knapa tu ar.. hahahaha

Ini dasyatt..creepy kiss..freaks me out~ LOL

Oleh yang demikian, kamu pigi la tgk ni muvi2..
you will know how worthy it is to watch..
have a nice day everyone..
Tq n Tq...

Dadaaaaaaaaaa ~

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Look To You :-)

As I lay me down.. Heaven hear me now.. 
I'm lost without a cause.. After giving it my all ..
Winter storms have come.. And darkened my sun..
After all that I've been through.. Who on earth can I turn to?
I look to you~ I look to you~ 
After all my strength is gone.. In you I can be strong..
I look to you~ I look to you~ 
And when melodies are gone.. In you I hear a song, I look to you ~
About to lose my breath.. There's no more fighting left..
Sinking to rise no more.. Searching for that open door ..
And every road that I've taken.. Led to my regret..
And I don't know if I'm gonna make it.. Nothing to do but lift my head..

I look to you~ I look to you~ 
And when all my strength is gone.. In you I can be strong..
I look to you~ I look to you~ 
And when melodies are gone.. In you I hear a song, I look to you ~
My levee's have broken, my walls have come.. 
Crumbling down on me.. The rain is falling, defeat is calling.. 
I need you to set me free
Take me far away from the battle I need you, shine on me..
I look to you~ I look to you~ 
After all my strength has gone.. In you I can be strong ..!!
I look to you~ I look to you~ 
And when melodies are gone.. In you I hear a song, I look to you  ~
I look to you~ I look to you~~~

 ~> I love this song after hear it from GLEE Cast..Superb..!!
Awesome!! Marvelous!! Wonderful!!
Well, this song was originally delivered by Whitney Houston..
 the ultimate Angel of all. And R.I.P for her. What?
Rest in peace.. or.. Return If Possible
oraittt.. tc peeps.. XOXO!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

My home-made dinner :)

Hello Guys! tadaaa~!!!
pakbr? sihat? hope sihat la..
mcm aku ne.. wlaupun
sakit hati, tp ttap sihat..
wakakak.. joke~ neglect it =.='

Hurm ya last nite..
i was bored and hungry.
and my sis ask me to cook
somethin for us..
and i just like "woo..must cook that  one"..
our usual recipe.. i meant..
what i used to cook la before..
but with a bit modified ingredients..
where i hav to use the chicken meat..
after my sis marinate it,
then i cut it into small pieces..
cook with 2 kind of sauce..
plus a chef flavour (ada knun ba.. teda ni :p)
then.. mix2 with apa yg perlu la..
in order to make it yummy~!!
and serve it with pieces of
carrot and cucumber..
at the end, let me serve ya!!
here it is..

Then, we ate it with a full of LOVE..
sekian. TQ c u.. Muahh!! (demam ka ko bilang,,)
hahaha.. lolz..

tu jala.. klau rajin lg mo masak, i will try..
try to test utk coba.. huh?? xD


Monday, January 30, 2012

A walk of life

Welcome to my life~ again..
tweet tweet!! :D
Just a brief story to be share..
this was happen yesterday evening..
with my fews family, we went to the
beach and recreational park, which are the
Tg.Aru beach & Perdana park!
A place like no other.. KUNUN~
well, for sure.. its a common place for KK people,
right i right?!
i bet u nod your head or just smiling.. ahakz~
It was nice bcoz the days look gloomy..
and it seems to be fun..
to go out for a fresh air~
So we just sitting beside the beach ..
and there's a lot of people
especially the tourist, China-made..LOL~
yeah, think they were enjoying the sunset moment.. me too.. xD

Too busy talking, then i missed the sunset.
Oh my.. i just quickly took my phone out..
then randomly snap the views.
here it is~>

Nice blue belated sunset.. Lolz  
Then right after that,
we headed to Perdana Park..
Lotsa people jog..sitting around..
mumbling, and and the kids..
running to the the left..haha!!
their faces look damn happy..
really2 happy til i can see their mouth
was even wider and reach out over their cheek
whenever they smile! ^_____^
well, im happy to see that :)
then the best part was when
the music start, and the water is dancing like a shit!
haha.. really damn awesome!
I wont hesitate nor doubt anything..
took out my phone..
snap! snap! snap!
i got three colours of dancing water!
ya i know it just a common for ya
but i am enjoy capturing it..
Let see them~>

Blueee... like a deep ocean~
Greennn~ like the green green grass at home!!

Reddd~ Like "The Reds" of Liverpool! YNWA~
Then.. afterall.. the most important thing is..
The blogger.. who drinks plain water..

This part was a few minutes before
the rains fall down like a baby tears
for a sudden man~~ Shit..
then we ran to the car..
Vrooooommm~ Go back..
Clap your hands..
thats all peepz!
thanksss.. Muah!

next episode?? sooner :)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Relaxing evening!

just came back from
"Taman Ujana Rimba"..
A placee..
for jogging and kidz playground~
bud sadly i din expect to go there.
and i just wear a slippers afterthat.

then, while watchin the kids play,
its better for me to remove my slippers..
and then walk throughout on the
stupid little cutie stone..hahaha!!
then its called "Foot RefLexology"...
and i felt nice, cool &  awesome..
even its hurt but i can see..
my foot can stand it more longer~
compare to the first time i step onto it!
arghh.. nice to spend time here..
just go back and yamchaa~ 100plus!
then i snap a bit pic for the
memories~ here it is..
The kids are playing!!

Reflexology-ing my foot! ahakz~
Thats all for now folks..

Friday, January 6, 2012

Long time ago... its all about karaoke!

Suddenly i saw this video..
recorded by my fren, mimie..
when i was singing karaoke in KKFM booth..
during tamu gadang..
at the year of 2010.. Wah!
I miss it!!!

The funny is..
we are about to attend our lecture.,
but sempat lagi singgah di
booth KKFM dkt tamu gadang..LOL!
my frens keep pushing me to go to sing..
apalagi.. thats my hobby man..
then karaoke'ing larrr!!haha..
Hahaha.. well, such a
Nice Moment!!!

Take a look..
Memories never fades..
keep in mind,
stay in heart..


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Killer song! sakit my suara truss..huahua

JASON!!! u request this song kan..haha
know wat..mati mo nynyi nie..wkwkwk!
Jason chen & Bruno mars just hav crazy voice!
I just simply sing it hentamly! wkwkwk..
got many sound disturbance,,
and..and.. there's a lot of technical errors!
sorry sorry.. i just can do best as i cud..
my "small voice" is not so high enaf..
need to attend vocal class hahahah..LOL :D

Neway, i just make it in simple vdeo..
and this is just a short version of
"It will rain"..
Sumbang here and there..
but i have fun singing this..
Thanks! its nice song btw :)
Here it is..

Enjoy life with singing!