Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Life Just Now :)

Long time din update..
busy busy busy..plus,
lazy lazy lazyyy.. hahaha..

ok the moment i got my mood
back to start blogging,
i must keep on going. hell yeah!! :D

Ok, for last week (the last was yesterday)
i went to a row of dinner..haha
~> 1st one dinner at my friend's old school
held in putera ballroom, Bukit padang.
~> Join my CSG dinner, which is Malam Seribu Kenangan,
held in CSG Centre, KK.
~> Sudden join for dinner celebration by Daughter
of St.Paul at CSG Centre, KK. We get to know
more seminarian from Philippines. Awesome!! xD
~> Then, join My friend's dinner for her baptism
Thanksgiving & appreciation, held
in Parish hall of SHC, KK.
~> Then, we go to Funfair. Having fun, but its not fair!
some can play more than others! wakakaka. JOKEs!
~> We went to Century hotel and lepakz2..until
mo0orning! waa.. Nice one !

But then, i have my first day training
at Infectious Disease Unit, Hosp.Queen 1,
Hill side... That time, I came with
"mamai2" feeling.. u know that?
Forget it, haha.
We learn much about malaria research.
We'll be having 1 week training.. O my gosh!
I've burnt my school holiday!
And i know there must be a reason for all of these!
Into your hand, God =)
Well, after get my ass back home today,
I feel so damn tired, bored, exhausted, etc.
Sleep for 3 hours then. Wakakaka.
Ow mennn.. I likeee.. ;p
Bangun2, go eat. hungry tahap dewa haha xD

Then now i cant sleep.
Wait for my sleepy mode to be switched ON~
ngehehehhe.. online..online.. bored :'(
Before i leave, i just wanna wish u all...



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