Monday, December 6, 2010

Its December 2010!!

Wow... finally december is come!!
My favorite month amongst all.. :)
by the way, this time i wont b home
earlier as before...
even holiday is already started, but im
still making an effort to finish my thesis project..

3 days ago, we go to Pulau Mantanani, KB..
Wow..such a wonderful places i've ever go..
the main purposes of going there is to collect our sample
such the marine life so called sponges, seaweed & etc..

Wah..even it was so freaking tired, but still enjoy
the days.. :)
The best part is when we all together went to-middle part of the sea~
then, together swimming & diving.. i like it..
even my leg is full with scar..luka2 bcoz of the corals at the dasar laut..
but still the njoy created bside the pain.. ouch...ahahax..

nevermind.. so, we continue to do our research of natural product 
in finding the drug according to our thesis project..
Anyway, the picture of us at the pulau is still with my frens...
Aaaaarghhh... when i can get it~ so0 beautiful d view..
wnt to see it again!! haha..

another one is....
im so0o0o0o in the mood of Chrtistmasssss!!!!
so sad cant join caroling this year...
just hope the spirit of christmas always be with
them::: CAROLERS::::: 

Orait...tu jala wat msa skrg..
nti lau rjin, gua update lg la..ahaks...
wokey frenssss....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hari pertama Exam semester 5

Bermula dengan strategi yg bagus...
Hasil tembakan yg ada kena2 sasaran..
Apakan daya..tu jala yg mampu dibuat..haha
Lpas ja hbs first paper td,
me & the gengs go eat d library..
Hujan turun in the very heavy!!!
Siuk mo tdur...
Dats y la when i just step into my room,
landing trusss... hahahha..

And now..still making an effort for
the nex exam paper...
hopefully tembakan akan kna the target!
hehe.. Wish me luck my frens...
God bless we all..


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Belilah T-shirt Sabah!

Salam sejahtera
Salam perpaduan,
Salam 1 Malaysia

Di sini ada berita baik untuk anda..ya, anda smua!!
Kini anda boleh melanggan T-shirt Sabah secara online!

Ayuh, abadikan Sabah di hati anda!!
Kepada Orang-orang Sabah,
apa lagi tunggu2..
belilah barangan tempatan!

Tidak lupa juga kepada Sesiapa..
yang tidak berpeluang untuk datang ke Sabah,
jangan khuatir.... T-shirt Sabah kini di hujung jari anda.

Untuk maklumat yang lebih lanjut,
Anda boleh layari Laman Web kami di

Anda akan dapat melihat sebegini:

  Apa Tunggu lagi..
Beli lah "Sabah T-shirt" dengan
membuat langganan menerusi Laman Web kami.

Oh..Harga dia?? Murah ba..
Just RM25 sehelai.. pastinya  
100% COTTON!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walk2 mkn wind!! haha ^_^

Bingo!! Ketemu lagi kita...
lama juga x update blog nie...
just busy with hot & cold stuff wa.. hahala
exam td  condemn la..
sapa suru study last minute...
tp ok wa.. mghafal brabis..
bla hbs ja exam, masuk tlinga kanan, kuar tlinga kiri..
hahahha.. trus lups ingatan... bagus bgus,, ho ho ho!!

last week we r having a family trip to
Taman Pertanian Sbh at Tenom..
Quite interesting la dat place..
ecspecially at the hybrid orchid garden &
of course the model garden..
Wow.. such in paradise wa..

Here i hv put some of the evidence..
aik TINGU TINGU ... hahaha
best ba.. nnt kita pgi sma2 ba lau da masa..
set ja.. sy ON ja... wuisehh.. hahahha

Click! Snap! Boom!

Wat kind of fruit is this...? ^_^
LoL..... ;-)

Paradise 3D~ with my sista...

 Hahahaha.. Lots lg pic ba tp mls mo upload nehh..
 Owrait... Have a nice day ya,.,,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kisah hari ini.. ^_^

~Kisah hari ini~

Bermula di klas topik2 khas Bioteknologi..
Sa lambat bgun.. jam 10am tu klas, then i woke up at
9.44am.. tu pun roomate yg kasi kejut.. OMG!!
wat happen to me.. :'(

The bus come b'duyun2.. Oo thank God..
u really know d situation ^_^
Then in class.. lecturing.. Bla.. bla.. bla.. :p
Nevertheless, smpat jg snap2 gmbr d blkg2.. oOps~ haha..
Common thing la dat.. hehe..
Then, jumpa madam discuss psl our field trip..
then again.... click!!
Gmbar2 pkai baju korporat biotek..haha i know its ugly, weird 
and so on.. but who cares! haha.. thats us, in fact ok..haha

Pastu Go 1Borneo.. McD & DDR!! hahaha.. quite fun..
LoL ;-p

2.30pm, it was Virology tutorial time..
din focus too at d back.. damn..haha~
after dat, balik hostel..
doing nothing.. huhu..
Orait.. update lg nnt..hehe

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sabah Youth National Forum (SYNF) 2010

We are One Malaysia..Passion to lead the future..Support each other.. Challenge!!!

Nice to meet u all again..hehe..
well, just wanna share u guys with
the youth forum (SYNF) that i just attend
since last friday until yesterday..

All of this happen spontaneously..
without any plan, any info, any desired..
But the instinct force us to join the
"Sabah National Youth Forum 2010" which is
held at UMS with the participation almost 400 peeps,
which are students of IPTA/S from almost whole around Sabah..!!

What a great experience..
I like the Games & the content of the Forum at all..
many benefits comes and the most important
is the building of our "youth Spirit" among us..
Damn, awesome!! hahaha..

Its really make us felt boosted with the confident & trustworthy..
plus, Many friendly peeps that actively socializing with us..
wonderful moment..
This forum was basically organized 
for the future of Net generation..
What? u duNNo wat is Net Generation?
Orait..i'll share a bit 
info for u guys..

Net Generation is also known as Echo Boomers, Millenium Generation,
iGeneration, Einstein Generation, Sunshine Generation, Generation Y2K and also Google Generation..
Yes, This generation was born at the range of 1977-1997 
(mcm kami la..haha)
Ni Generasi juga kna panggil Generasi Y.. So, yg beliau2 sda skarang tu ofkoz la generasi X.. Jan rsau, dia bilang tu menteri belia dan sukan, "wlaupun generasi X ni beliau2 suda, tp ni jiwa masi mcm Belia ba"... hahaha.. Ok ba...Layannn!!.. "i support u!!!"...trus tepuk tgn ,haha.. ^_^ heeee

Time tu, ada jg snap pic skit2 tp skit sgt la..
Besa la..x kamera ba..nnt la tnggu i beli kamera lu,
baru i snap pic byk2 ye..wakakaka
(yaiii, pnya buruk men "i i" kunun...hahaha)
ba2, tgk la skijap ar..jan lama2..hehe..

Ehem..posing2 dulu ba kijap di tangga..haha
UMS + AKMA... group name? Xtreme Xposure.. ada X, ada segalanya.. Yaiiii...wakaka

Semua Khusyuk knun mendengar Forum Belia.. terutama pasal "Politik"..haishhh

"Saya tdk suka rmbut kamu bala tanga, kasi bala siring!" haha...
Naa, jan kamu main2, Ketua menteri Sabah ada dtg ba..YAB Datuk Panglima Musa Haji Aman..
Banner Sabah Youth National Forum (SYNF) 2010...Just For more information About anything regarding the Program of Majlis Belia Sabah, u can simply Check out this Link::: Ok..thats all for now folks.. Dadaaaaaa~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nothing 2 do..Edit Photo skitt!! haha

Bored day..
Empty mood & run out of idea..
So nothing come in when study..:-'(

Then suddenly itu mo0d
maw Photo Editing tba2 knock my do0r..(pintu hati ku, buekk..)
haha.. Layan Jap la..hehe, just in a minute, edit ni
dua gmbar...HoHo xD
Trus Mo share La kunun ni Edited Picture!
haha.. Biar buruk, janji bukan ikan KAruk! beHH!!..hehehe...

NAhh..Tgk SkijaPp Ja aR.. 
Jan KAsi Lama.. Wakaka!!
HaHAHA.. ni time afTeR pgi SaLooN, pindik rAmbut!!..huhu, nda pa, Yg Pnting tu na yang Hijau2.. aramaaiii tie...wakaka
LaLALA.. ni MOtiF Dia, Be YourselF.. . hehehe.. hmm..K dAts aLL For Today..  Just Enjoy Our Life K.. Have a Nice Day Readers as known as my fellow Friendsss...hehehe, Wokehh, Dadaaaaaa~


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Somewhere..Over the rainbow... ♫♪♪♫♪♪

Lately, my mouth keep singing ni lagu
"Over the rainbow"....
haizz...really aim my soul!! hahaa..
Ok, just wanna share the lyrics
n Hopefully we can sing together k..


take a look ..

Here it is::: Over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
In the land that I heard of
Once, once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare you dream
Really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds
Are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds
Are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

If happy little bluebirds fly
Above the rainbow
Why, oh why, can't I .....

Like tis song so much..
This song for u all my friends!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Walk2..Enjoy2.. :-D

Today story.....

Just for today..after class ended at 10am,
going out to 1Borneo with frens @ coursemate..
first, we going to eat2..
hehe.. eat PizzA Hut..
nice one..yummy! haha..LOL

Then going for movie..
New release One.. called "INCEPTION".. 
wow... 4 over 5 star la i give..haha
its about going into dream or memory..
danger2..but enjoy ..haha..
yg blum tgk tu msti blur2 ni.. :)
bah jan lupa pgi watch the movie la k..

After usual...
wajib place: KBOX!!!
singing until losing voice!
pnya gila.. pastu lari turun bawah pi
buy some drink waters.. sanggup ni..haha
Finish with it, go dance lagi..haha..
DDR or dance2 Revolution..
hahaha.. Sux!!
long time din play kan..
but still nice.. (ceh2, prasan..haha)
Then Go back hostel almost 5pm..
(yaka? lupa2 ingat)... ahh nvermind!! don care!
hehe.. then dreaming on my bed..zZzZz
----> Well, this is the first day 4 us to enjoy2
for this new sem..Soon will be again! haha ^_^
Nothing much to say again..
have a nice day everyone...
Take care..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 CHAMPION! team ba...hehe


Spain appear as the world cup champion for
this world cup season at south africa!!

They rely deserve it..
im supporting them since their first game beb..
where they 1st match was against switzerland,
and they lose the game! kuciwa time tu..

but still continuing support them...
ya, mayb they were still shocked & adapting
the soccer situation tat time..
and at last, they WIN! so lucky!

Final world cup was between spain & netherlands!
ya.. many people said the belanda seems to be
stronger, tougher, great defending and so on..
hahaha..finally, thats only a talk or words..
No comment! tut...haha

then the other is pasal sotong c Paul..
yeah, admit dia predict tepat..
but i think thats not a big deal..
without the sotong, people who support
SPAIN from the beginning until the end is more
expert predictor i guess! haha... ehem2..
ahh forget bout it..! hate it :(
the most important now is:::::
My Team sda jd Juara WOrld Cup..!!!!! hahahaha..
waakakka... suda2 la tu bilang kwn sa...
emmbha yala..hehe :)

But! the point is,
from now on......
World cup fever is Over.. huhu
But, again... the fever will be come back at d year of 2014..
and this time in BRASIL!! yihaaa.. ^_^
see u there soon.. (dei, mcm sa p ctu, tp mna tau?? haha)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Fever! Waka Waka..^_^

eat ball, drink ball, sleep ball, dream ball..
Nah, alang2 eat fishball ja la.. wakkaka.. LOL!
Hmm, Some people might facing the
FIFA World Cup fever! undeniable..haha.. xD

Moving on to the Quater final, the team
that qualify is really deserved to be there!
yah..such for England, i think that
they look not so convincing
since their first appearance games...
So Losing to Germany is not so shock for me..
sorry to say guys, its fact indeed..right..

But what affect me much is the match
between SPAIN & PORTUGAL...
(tomorrow at 2.30am)
Both is my team woo.. *prasan! lol..
Spain was the 2nd ranking in FIFA standings
while 3rd for Portugal...see, how great records!
it should be interactive match soon..
emm, hopefully! haha.. *ragu2 knun.. ;p

Well, depend on their luck la..
support them both!!! WAKA WAKA..hey ya.. :D
Let us support the world cup always!
gotcha! gonna update more n more...yuhhuu
We might been asking what teams gonna be qualify
to the next round..hmm then who comes for the
final match?? Naahh..
Together we watch it...
Owh ya..
Beting tu beting jan smpai
bankrupt arr.. agak2 la..hahaha.. LOL.. WAR~


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hepi Holy...holy... holiday^^

Skali lg gua muncul dgn gmbr2 yg msh
nmpk sama unsur2 nya..tul tdk..ahaksz..
running out of pic'z~ ;-p

Now, ni gmbr pun dh jd profile pic FB sy..
hmm seiring dgn zaman kn..
skrg holiday season is coming closer..
So, unsur2 gini la yg d perlukan.. (teda2 ba)..haha
so, wna wish u all
"happy holiday & hav a gud2 day at home"..
u gonna miss 'em me :-)

Hmm..sadly, i cant go back home so soon..
We r joining National Camp at pace Bene, Papar..
This weekend start...until 25 may...
then baru dpt blk hometown..huhu..

Hey you!!
Pls oh Cheer up la..
no need to b use!
the home will not lari & leave us kan...haha
Just stay for who u are n stick with the
root from where u are made up..
(@_@)??? blurr ka?
sa pun blur pa yg sa tulis tu..
Forget it~

Orait..once again..
HaPpY HoLidaY For aLL oF u ya!!
& just wait for the judgement day
of our exam!! hahahah...

Salam 1Malaysia.. (perlu ka..haha)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Once upon a time....check it out!


Im back!
mau share crita sket ni..
Once upon a time..cehh..haha! (skema ni..)
adala kosmate aku ni..
dia mau p yayasan sbh,
urus biasiswa kot..

So, kmi 3org pgi ar..
aku, e1, Charles..he
Smpai di mnara yayasan tu,
settle dh la urusan member gua tu..
x smpai sminit la..haha..
then kmi p tingkat brapa tu? (sot, btanya plak)
aiyaa.. x ingat o0o..haha..Nvm~
kmi p msuk d restoren yg bole b'putar2 tu..
time tu teda org lngsung..
almost the end of office hour kot.. (if im not mistaken la..)
pastu, buat Kerja2 Bodoh!!

pgi lompat situ, sana..sini..
sah klo kmu nmpk, mmg kmu
cop "org gila"..hahah
tp sy x mngaku ar..hihihi..

memenatkn diri sendiri time tu..
jln kaki lg p luar jln raya pastu..
nek bas p 1B..
mkn ctu..
beli2 then balik...
imagine ja time tu dkt final exam dh..
hahaha..mmg sandi! kekek..
after all, smua tu ble jd memori
ba..memori bersama kwn2
membuat "kerja yg teda2"..ngam ka tu?

this is the pic yg sy dh edit la..
too many mix them all, yummy!


Haha..kerja budus...

Model x ble pakai...hahaha

Gotta rmember all of this..
funny i think so..LOL

Have a nice day..

Saja omong kosong :)

saja ja singgah2 ni....
exam week mmg otak penat bfkr..
besa la tu..zmn muda2 (muda ke..haha) ;-p

emm tgl 1 paper lg ni..
paper immunology..
hope can survive la..
coz i like this subject, haha..

emm bout thesis, ya..have to
do the proposal sda la..and pass up
b4 holiday may nnt..
aishh.. later have to hang out at Lebry ja la..
find books to b refer and bla..bla..
hbs la.. soon afterwards, muka pun jd buku suda..
whatever it is, yg pnting kerja siap..fewwhh~

K la..
Just wish me luck for exam..
even 1 paper left, but it still
consider exam mode..kekekeke.

C ya later...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

exam! but MSK is still in memory! miss it..

hush hush...
diz exam week is rely2 make me weak inside..
although din use too much energy physically but
thinking, memorizing, understanding too much cud
replace it!!!
wat a damn..
well, dis is wat we called life...haiz.. :-(

Yesterday was my 1st paper..
very killer paper i guess.. din cover much of it..
din revise well, then at the exam hall, also coming late..
quite late i guess.. but evrythings gonna b ok.. (ya ka... padahal)
wakakka..din sure..just tot 4 it.. god bless! haha!!

turn to the main point!! wakakak..
well, last saturday, handling program
MSK-mLm 1ooo kenangan was very exciting!.. (1000 ker? haha.cruel!)
emm last program in CSG-UMS for 09/10 session..
quite sad but not much as i tot cud happen..
the feeling din "aim'' the goal! hahaaa.. (don get blur)
i think so la..but thats not too vital la..
the most essential here is the theme..
"peliharalah kasih persaudaraan" (IBR 13:1)..

but soon after this,
whenever n wherever we are,
we are still brothers n sisters forever... hopefuly..
A memory that last 4ever!!!!!
keep in touch u all.....
rely Love u all A LOT :)

Special wish to all Senior of CSG
that will grade this year..2010~
Thanks guys!! Hugss^^

Simple pic brings Super duper memory..
Lets hav a look :)

Love this so0oO0o much!!
i miss it.huhu..
hehehehehe... keep on Rockin' CSG!!
God bless!
4get me Not ;-)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rumah berhantu tp lawak....

Today is not a Bad day..
We go to "RUMAH BERHANTU" ctu PPIB..
maybe 1 event for expo i guess..

my God! haha..
good experience even only for 3 minutes..think so..
First we enter, rsa mcm teda2 ja ni~

Then the light turned off..
its getting Dark la..
then ada shocking light (utk light efek la spaya suspen2 knun).
tp mmg Lucu! haha.
ada la org p tarik2 knun,
ada yg berbalut kain putih n pura2 duduk,
tp kmi p tarik tu balutan dia smpai tbuka!!
mo mati sa ktawa owh..
another one is the mayat..
i think itu orgreal ba 1st,
then tarik kaki, rupanya patung..alahai..
mcm real juga la..
then sy tarik the ptung smpai tcabut tangan.
wahaha.. cni la ktawa 80% tbahak2.. budu btul o.
adaka,,ksian tu AJK2 dorg..haizz..
hhahaha.. feel like no fear at all :-p

lg time ada org brambut pjg tutup muka
duduk2..adaka kwn sa p pukul kepala dia.
ni baru la sandi..
nsb baik pkul pelan2 la..
trus tu AJK dia dtg ba p ckp "dont touch"..
alala.. ululu.. kcian!!! hehe..jan marah ;-p

then the last part tu ada org berpusing la..
look like puntianak pgang patung.
menjeling la knun..then dia jerit!
my fren jerit blk to him more loudly..
wakaka..trus kmi lari kluar..
bkn sbab tkut ka lawak..
lawak mo ktawa smapi mo tcabut perut!

kla..klau ada AJK dia tbaca ni crita,
sory la arh.. :)
kmi bkn nya apa..just for fun ba :)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Frenship words~

Frens that r defeating each other~

Patrick & SPongebob singing together. Why?

How bout tis kittens? Why do they keep
together in the basket?

This is what we called.....

A GooD Fren diDn't Give Shit To Fren..
UnLess The FreN Asked For it!

A GooD Fren CaRe To Fren's FeeLing..
UnLess The FreN Hurting!

A GooD frEn WiLL NvR Lie To Fren..
UnLess The Fren Do it 1st!

A GooD FreN Always Think bout Fren,
UnLess The Fren Talk at Behind!

A GooD FreN Always Missing Fren,
UnLess The FRen Denied!

But No Matter How Closest The
FrenShip Are, It cud turn to Cats & DOgs!!
However, it Still called Friends..
yup, friend! that keep last in memories...
now And ForeveR.. (T_T)


Friday, February 26, 2010

Poem of the day~

di suatu petang yg dingin
(padahal panas)...haha,
aku menatap langit yg redup..
seperti mau hujan tp tdk juga..
awan2 biru masih kelihatan..
aku trus terpikir sesuatu..
"mau ambi kain!!!".......haha

wanna share my daily poem from
the one greater book. lets have a look!

There is 0nly 0ne You
Every person born into this world,
represent something new,
something that never existed,
something original & unique...

It is the duty of every person to know:
that there has never been anyone,
like him/her in the world...
for it there had been anyone like him/her,
there would have been no need for
him/her to be in this world...

Every single person is
a new thing in this world..
and is called upon to fulfill his
particularity in this world..

:-) so, basically,
we know that each of us are
born to be ourself originally!
renung2 kan lah wahai kwn2 sekalian..

gotta go..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RHBDR, Columbus, All thing are possible, HOPE!!

what a great moment at kaingaran
for RHBDR (retreat)...
we learn more about "LOVE"..
love between the creator and us!!

Just want to share somethin' here.
a brief story bout HOPE..

What shall we do when hope
is gone? The words leapt like
a leaping sword:
SAIL ON!, AND ON!" (Joaquin Miller)

Christopher Columbus, the leader of the expidition
which discovered America, struggled for years to
get men and money for his 120 men set out in three
ships on August 3, 1492.
Storms tossed them about like straws in the water.
Later, the wind ceased for many days and
the ships could not sail forward;
they ran short of food and their waters became foul.
Many of his men died. Those were trying
moments for Columbus. The crew threatened
to mutiny, to take over the command and to
return to Spain. Again and again they begged
him to turn back. Again and again
Columbus firmly answered, "Sail On!!"

After two months of uncertainties and struggles,
they sited the land and set foot on solid soil on
October 12, 1942.

All things are possible for us!!!!
to be continued........wink (^_^)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy CNY... :-)

Hmm.. lama nya tida update ni blog..wahhh...
b'kulat-kulat sda ni...hehehe
today just finish last klas b4 start CNY holiday..hee
But, haiyaa... NO FEEL o0..hahaha
assignment ba byk, tula mood cuti pun decrease...
but life must go on ja ba.. peace!

TomoRRow going to RHBDR? RHBDR la...:-)
feel such excited plak.. mcm tu electron yg pgi di
photosystem dlm klorofil smasa proses photosynthesis,
kwang kwang kwang.. merepek suda ni.! hehe.
Now pretending to rajin2 study di lebry, wat assignment la KONON.
wahahaha.. macam taikkk.. kekeke

Wanna take this chance to wish all of u out there
Happy Chinese new year k....
kalau ada limau lebih ka, angpau lebih ka,
byk poket kosong cni, bagi2 ja..
well, sharing is caring ba..wahahah ;-p
See You Soon Later.. haha.
May peace be upon to u!!!
SaLam 1Malaysia!