Monday, December 6, 2010

Its December 2010!!

Wow... finally december is come!!
My favorite month amongst all.. :)
by the way, this time i wont b home
earlier as before...
even holiday is already started, but im
still making an effort to finish my thesis project..

3 days ago, we go to Pulau Mantanani, KB..
Wow..such a wonderful places i've ever go..
the main purposes of going there is to collect our sample
such the marine life so called sponges, seaweed & etc..

Wah..even it was so freaking tired, but still enjoy
the days.. :)
The best part is when we all together went to-middle part of the sea~
then, together swimming & diving.. i like it..
even my leg is full with scar..luka2 bcoz of the corals at the dasar laut..
but still the njoy created bside the pain.. ouch...ahahax..

nevermind.. so, we continue to do our research of natural product 
in finding the drug according to our thesis project..
Anyway, the picture of us at the pulau is still with my frens...
Aaaaarghhh... when i can get it~ so0 beautiful d view..
wnt to see it again!! haha..

another one is....
im so0o0o0o in the mood of Chrtistmasssss!!!!
so sad cant join caroling this year...
just hope the spirit of christmas always be with
them::: CAROLERS::::: 

Orait...tu jala wat msa skrg..
nti lau rjin, gua update lg la..ahaks...
wokey frenssss....

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