Monday, November 30, 2009

BMK 10? two thumbs up..

what is BMK?
oh.. easy ja tu..
BMK is Belia Masuk Kampung..
Just now, kmi sda hbs join BMK-10
yg kna buat d Kg.Linsuk, Tenghilan...
Dgn tema "dari INJIL itu aku telah menjadi pelayanNYA
menurut pemberian kasih karunia TUHAN"..-efe 3:7-,
semua ini menjadi satu seruan kepada kami
utk terus melayani dgn lebih...;-)

Wow.. pengalaman yg sungguh hebat..
siuk la..
smpai tdk terkata2 ni..
ni la gmbr2 kmi yg dpt sy share skit2..
smua ni men save ja dr tmpt org...
sapa suru teda kamera sndiri..hahaha..
take a look...
Me....Tain....Max....bagayaaa!!! hahahahpeace for ya!! againnn.... peace!!!! hehehehe

Friday, November 13, 2009

Muvie the end of the world.. "2012"? ok la..

exam week is almost over..
got a few paper left..
oh.. what a life..
student pnya hdup la katakn..
nothing to be "heran"..
Blum hbs study, tp dh p enjoy..haha
just now kmi bru ja watch the new movie..
The End Of The World..
mmg mntap..
plot story..
huh..two thumbs up la..

mo kritik ckit cni..hehe
logically, tu crita mmg unlogically!
yala.. keadaan yg mmg mustahil mo survive
pun dpt survive..
byk scene2 yg mustahil la..
yg mmg nmpk kelemahan
la.. nmpk btul crita tu
already Planned!
tp mmg btul pun la.. kna plan
oleh producer sda kan.. tp at least
dont totally & obviously ketara la..
well, opinion jak ni..
mna2 pihak jgn mrh..
sapa2 yg blum tgk tu, Go Watch!
mmg tdk rugi!
emm.. smpat lg kmi posing ctu..
naa, tgk la..hahaha

posing kamu.. posing!! hahahabiotech oldskul~Coming soon.. 2012!! hehe..


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Biotech's gathering...

Nothing to display.....
since long time i din blogging..
mcm mls suda...hahaha
but never mind..
time is standing still...;-)

just wna share something..
we had celebrate biotek raya day
since a few days ago..
but nothing to be njoy..
we just eat n drink..
snap here n there..
then cit cat, & cau.....
well, this our pic...

all in position~~

well..exam is just around the corner...
preparation din do yet..
lek ba...hahaha

just face watever happen in ur life..
coz for sure, life must go on..
see ya in d nex pages...


Friday, September 25, 2009

Hari Warga Kampus ke-13

Since a few days ago,
Hari Warga Kampus-13 had been going thru
at Sacred heart KK..
What a great experience we get...
Campus2 yg terlibat such as:-


Total of campus: 13..
And all yg Join is 50O++...
Wow.. wat a great event..
Evrybody giving the best dat time..
Even ada prob jg but no worry..
God know wat the best solution..
And lo0k!
it oredi FinisH!
Thanks to aLL AJK Pelaksana..
Kmu mmg Hebat!

We learn So much About
nothing to be hesitate anymore..
we are going to the true way!
Praise d Lord...

We also get to know byk kwn baru ctu..
and many talented people can be seen there..
Dancing, singing, acting and etc..
that is d gift of God..
nothing to be said again..
i just throw some pic to be stare at..
dont glare too long..
it might make u blind! wakaka...
teda2 ba..
ok.. njoy ur life!
everybody njoy....waaa...shouting!!!

haha.. ok..

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Mid term is end oredi...
nex weekk just got a few class...
means ...most of d time is holiday la..
nothing to say here...
just want to drop some wish for ya' all...
happy coming holiday...
n happy raya in advance...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

is this holiday? no no no no...

wat a weird intro rite..he.
nothing much to say jg ni..
just wanna update this oldiest blog, think so..
Now is holiday ba..
sminggu jala..even cuti kan, but the mind
still kept thinking on.......~~~
first, assignments....
2nd, Lab reports...
3rd, Presentations...
then, Midterm... and etc..

All blum kna touch ba..
even a piece of paper pun..
Aiyoo... how la ni..
but its ok..
keep on the effort as long as i cud..rite..
evrybody actly facing this situation ba..
lagi la yg ada thesis ecs 4 final year stdent..
huhu.. well, inilah yg dikata kn
"student's job" kan.. undeniable lg..HARUS!
haha..A moment to be remembered la knun..haha..
wana wish "hapy fasting"
to all my frens...
its time to say goodbye..
Im going to the lab dlu..esehh..~

Cau.. dadaaaa...!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Family day Biotech 2009!! fuh~

Ehemm.. testing mic... testing mic..
well, for the latest event,
"Biotechnology family day"
was held at karambunai resort! wah...
it was d one of the best memory jugakla..
even nothing yg interest kn, tp
yg pnting njoyla..
~Objektif dia ialah...
to celebrate the junior as well the senior too..
hehe.. tp senior mmg ckit jala yg dtg..
mmg pnat la time tu..
aku jadi emcee lg tu..
tp MC yg nda bole pakai pnya! wakaka..
dgn c syahira.. best jg la..
ntahla apa yg kmi merepek tu..
spontan ba..
just talk wat walk in the mind..huh??
Best jg la..
ada men games..
make unggun api..
sit together..sharing..
swimming n play2 the boat! haha..
sy plg x puas hati bla xdpt join dorang naik
banana boat..waaaa!!!
sy xda bwa bju or even sluar spare ba..
xkanla mo pkai jeans kn..
mmg komfom jatuh dlm laut, nah..
ctu la ko merana... pkai jeans basah until night..
then, sy ikut member la p Indah permai (IP)..
beli sluar la konon dgn kwn2..
tp smpai d karambunai blk,
the counter for banana boat tutup sda..
oh no.. holy shit..haha..
biarlah..mgkin takdir da sy nda dpt men tu
banana boat..kan3..hee
Then, part yg best jugak~ time BBQ..
sdap ayam dia..madu dia manis! hehe..
lapar neh trus..kekeke gmbr2 skit la time
family day biotek tu..
take a look... ;-)

Banner Family Day Biotech 09/10!
ni time ptandingan rekaan pakaian guna sumber alam semula jd..(kcuali newspaper tu la) haha.. yg pnting, MC di blakang2 dua2 nmpk hijau ba...cehhh....wakakak
ni time perasmian.. abg iszam juga la VIP harapan...ekekee.. la konon2 MC dia..haduihh..
teda2 yg pnting, GREENNNN...ekekeke..

Byk lg ba gmbr.. hmm..
later la i re-post again k..
cehh..mcm ada org nk tgk gak kn..
oraits... gotta go..

Friday, July 17, 2009

21 guns...! Lets sing 2gether~

Greenday! my star~

Do you know what's worth fighting for

When it's not worth dying for?

Does it take your breath away

And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh out the pride?

And you look for a place to hide?

Did someone break your heart inside?

You're in ruins


One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

One, 21 guns

Throw up your arms into the sky

You and I

When you're at the end of the road

And you lost all sense of control

And your thoughts have taken their toll

When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul

Your faith walks on broken glass

And the hangover doesn't pass

Nothing's ever built to last

You're in ruins


One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

One, 21 guns

Throw up your arms into the sky

You and I

Did you try to live on your own

When you burned down the house and home

Did you stand too close to the fire

Like a liar looking for forgiveness

From a stone

When it's time to live and let die

And you can't get another try

Something inside this heart has died

You're in ruins


One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

One, 21 guns

Throw up your arms into the sky


You and I....?

-hmm...trus apa la ni?


saja mo share this great spiritual songs ba!

for me la....hehe.. ;-)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The only songs...

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see...

’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears reliev’d;
How precious did that grace appear,
The hour I first believ’d....

~Feel calm to hear this songs..
yep, its been so long i din cherish maself
with a soft impressive songs..

~Sometimes we njoy d melody..&
sometimes we oso njoy d words..
& sometimes we even njoy d voice within..
but, its not a big deal ba..
people comes wif a variety of perspective actly..

~well, wat d most important is we njoy to hear
d sound of the songs as long as ___(1)___.
emm...the space (1) can be fill with any words
as possible..
suka ati ko la..hehehe.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Back 2 oLdSkuL~

the chaos of goin' back 2 school!!

Holiday is over~
Dengan ini,
mengumumkan penutupan cuti semester
utk plajar2 lama UMS...(bunyi musik mendayu)..ekeke
lecture mau start sda..
so kna ready2 la ni mo dating dgn buku blk..aiyoo..he
its student's job in fact..
apa ble buat kn.. ;-)

for all ums juniors & seniors,
ecspecially to the RC students,
dont 4get to join the
"welcoming gathering" party
that will be held on this 19th july at
CSG center, shan tao! sebelah SHC ja...
See u there~ GBU+ :-)


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Apa yg penting? "Kerjasamerr"...hehe

Welcome! hehe...
Ni mo share2 pngalamn skit la..
Induksi MsM suda pun selesai..
memang best gilerrr la!! haha..
Sweet memory~
*pemimpin:"APA YANG PENTING??"
hehehe.. best slogan ni taw! haha.. teda2 ba..
emm ni ada jugak gmbr yg smpat sy dpt time tu..
satu jak la.. yg lain msh tmpat kwn2..
minta ar sapa2 yg ada gmbr kita rmai2 tu..k?? hehe
Memang best!

MsM pla sdang bjalan skrg..
Suasana pada mulanya very2 happening la..
apa tdk, excited kn mau sambut kedatangan
junior2 ums yg baru..hehe
Namun smakin lma, suasana kian pudar la..
bukan apa, student pun makin kurang mdaftar kn..
dijangka kan 4117 plajar akan mdaftar..
tp buat masa ini, baru 3000++ la yg mdaftar..
ntah yg lain tu nda mo study lg kot..hehe

1st day tu,
kami di unit PnP @ PenPers (Pendaftaran & Persembahan)
memang busy jg bantu student mdaftar d
kaunter semakan kat dewan canselor laa..
memang sgt2 busy la..huhu!
tp lama2 ok gak..
memang x dinafikan la semua unit
menghadapi kesibukan masing2..
terutama logistik tu..
angkat2 bagasi students..
siann dorg..hehe

skrg kmi btugas di galeri kat bngunan canselori
atau lebih d kenali sbagai menara bkembar UMS..
kureng skit la student skrg..
then pasni kitorg kena urus student2 dr SPS
(skolah pengajian seni) yg akan perform utk show
mlm persembahan bakat nnt..hmmm...
xtau la apa yg akan terjadi nnt..
trima jak ba dgn redha.. kunun.. hee

student2 baru ni pula jgn la
tlalu manja & demand..
just learn to adapt in your new life of campus
& be yourself ja.. simple kan? hehe..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

its all about "dance"!

Well, since fews day ago,
we get busy with dancing show utk
mjlis pkahwinan la kunun..
kno wat,
we have perform the magunatip, sumazau,
kurik kundi & twist dance.. ada juga la
t'selit poco2 skit..ehehehe..
havoc & happening la..
mmg fun!
besa la..kampung2 kan..hehe
malu2 ga ba tp
kwn2 smua sporting abis kan..
apalg, kalau gila2 bjumpa gila2,
jd la "gila2 kuasa dua"..hahaha!!!
apa sa ckp ni.. bengong! begok! haha~
neway, mmg best la..
besh gila.. 99.9% marks! ;-)
guess it was precious moment la..
very appreciate it! huhu..
Btw, these are d pics tat we snap
during that time..
kalau sudi, meh la tgk..kekeke
jan t'kejut klau nmpk ni gmbr kmi..
kalah cewek ow..haha..joking ja...
Let me introduce us to all of u..
from d 1st pic,
GIRLS- martha, rosevia, vellyana,
sabrina, christy & winnie..
BOYS- me, jasrul, faizuL, winston,
brian & benedict (paling dpan)..
...Let see it~
magunatip time..
posing model kan..prasan! hahhhahaada c botak ba..haiyaa...haha
posing lagi...haha
B4 pgi "twist"..hehehe.. faizul is missing! he.
the sweet girls dancing twist! haha... cntik2 krm slm ka? ahax...
the boys... lawak eh...ahahaha
itu jala..
haha.. mmg njoy tat time la..
orite.. cuti almost over da..
take ur time!
gotta go..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saja... boring2...hehe

dota dota dan dota lagi..

teda pa juga mo tulis ni..
saja upload ni gmbr..
gmbr sa curi dr Cc..
jan mrh ar..
i like d pic... haha

Sunday, May 24, 2009

D'next American IdoL~

Adam Lambert~

Kris ALLen~

Lately, American idol for the 8th season had been
won by??? haha...
for sure, Kris ALLen la..
Adam just got the 2nd place!
Many people feel mcm it is hard to blieve for
Church worship leader like Kris Allen beated out the 
theater actor Adam Lambert...
as we said,
Nothing yg mustahil ba..
Both of them do a great job at the finale concert!
undeniable la...
But...ada but cni la..
when we observe btul2 la,
its a Fact that Adam was being more Talented
and owned an awesome gift of voice...fantastic!
gila o0 dgr suara dia..
kick abis oo...ahahaha..
ko pun t'nga2 mungkin sna..hehehe
Kris pun ada big talent juga la..
masing2 ada kelebihan sendiri jg..
istri dia pun fulamak..cntik! ngam la dorg kawin..haha
tp menurut sumber i-Gossip,
Adam lose bcoz he was gay..
tu sa dont know la..
coz im just a common reader &
not the pro judges... 
Well, thats all bout them..
congrats for them.. (bukan dorg phm blog sa jg pun)..
ahahahah...men2 ja..
By the way,
enjoy the holiday's moment..
Hargailah masa anda..


Sunday, May 10, 2009

holiday's beginning~ peace...

wah..exam is over!
psl result2 ni apa ble buat la..
just wait n see who is d'LUCKY one!
hahaha.. just begin for most
of Uni students..
i believe dat this is the tme yg
smua student tnggu2 & x sabar2..ahaks..
as well as me kan..kekeke
punya seksa mnunggu o0..
hav to study3.. tension2 but then 
pastu holiday!
really sesuai kn..

just d day after my last xm tu,
trus blk ruma d kk la mlm tu..
the things hav to carry mmg very lot3 la..
but Nvm.. xkn mo kasi tgl d hostel kn..
and now im here..
nothings to do..
all fren got busy with their own business &
at d same time, sy mls jg mo kuar p walk2..
even boring thp dewa,
i rather walk alone at the
backstreet of home's backyard
on the long road
and serve myself with d korean
movie..wah..jiwang! damn shit..haha
skali skala ba..
x salah jg kn..he..

hmm..2morow im going back to kningau..
mo jmpa parents la..
its been a long time din see them..
wna wish hapy moms day?
haha.. sda blalu time tu..
One thing i really scare now..!
im afraid dat this holiday would
running fast than i thought..
oh i wish not..doncha'!

i just wna kongsi ckitla pngalamn time cuti ni..haha
yesteday i was in my sis n bro home..
here la d kk..
the dark kitchen makes me feel good..
then i used to enter without switching on d lamp..
yala, pagi2 kan.. trang2 ckit juga..hhaha
the tupperware seems same ba all..
i think im going to make some milk
for my drinks..
yup, then i took the bekas yg ada plastik silver..
put inside and pour a lil with hot2 water..
put some sugar & mnum la mo rsa..
yucks! wats dis..
kelat2 ni..
rupanya something like tepung sy p ambik..duhh~
how stupid i am..haha
ktawa sndiri2 ni trus..
i feel like org tua yg nyanyuk sda ni..kakaka
but the fact,
im still young age or more sweet called
"underage".... wah! hahaha..parasan!

ok guys..
just njoy this holiday and
have fun..
appreciate ur most valuable time &
use it wisely..k..
(mcm sy ni on9 ja.. jan ikut..x bgus)
happy holiday geng2!
learn from the past and adapt the future~

jumpa lagi..
selamat hari ibu utk my mom & ibu2 sekalian..wah..
baik kunun ni..kakaka
cau dlu..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 paper to go...GAMBATEH!

tinggal 3 paper lg ooo..
huhu.. Lmbt btul msa mo bjalan ni..adeh..

nda sedar2, 3 hari lagi sya di cni..haha
apa ble buat la..
if i can stop the time, i surely buat oo..haha
itula tu keja kami cni..
mo rest2 pun mcm nda senang ja..
apa tdk, akhir2 exam pun ada
subject killer o..
esei2 yg btimbun!
dorg ni pun satu..
spatutnya ujung2 exam ni bg la ba paper yg obj..hehehe
yala, ujung2 exam ni mnada smangat lg
mo study2 hard..
ingat mo cutiiiiiiiiii...haha
nda pa..
stedy ko geng...

teda pa2 jg ba mo send ni actly..
saja update with
something useless info..
well, happy holiday la kpd
sesapa yg suda abis eggjam..
yg pnting, sy pun akan abis lusa ni..
(mcm marah ni knun..haha)

sampai ktemu lagi..

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exam week.... Mmg perform! haha...

Hmm... rsa mcm hari sangat lmbat berlalu eh..
well, musim exam kn..
3 paper had been taken.. now 4 yet to go..
OMG.. 4 paper nex week..
need to cover a lot lot lot topics...
waarghh... how am i gonna do dat?
i cant just hoping to my luck totally! huh...
well, just go with it..
apa2 mo ckp tu mmg easy la
tp mo buat tu yg amat2 payah..kan3..

today just take HE paper..
mcm biasa..using M16 weapon then...?
then what..?
tinggal 1 week lagi utk sya stay d bilik blok
sya yg tercinta ini..huhu
next sem im gonna move to another blok..
i think so...
life will change permanently as well as
the days goes passing by and keep repeating

Apa bole buat la..
Life must go on for sure! hehe...
I miss my hamlet..
ya, dunno why...
i miss the envi kowt.. not sure even for myself!

need to put more effort on my study and 
dont ever kept standing on the luck must be remixx baru la mantap!

im outta here..
once again, gudluck for exam guys..
Be co0l...

(0_O)/  dadaaaaaa~

Monday, April 20, 2009

~aLL d'beZ for FinaL Exam~

~HeLLo Evry1...
Lma nya tdk update ni bLog tau..

~Bkn Nya Apa.. Busy-Membusy bha..
knun La..hehe..(pdhal maLas)..
Well, for this Chance Of d Days,
i WouLd Wish OL of u A veRy
"Best Of Luck" foR youR FinaL eXam!

~Today, we just initiate ouR 1st paper of aLL..
Which iS Basic Chemistry..!! Waa..
BestLa time MjawaB tu..
wLaupun Less Confident tp at least
itu tGn tu b'geRak jugakLa..kekeke
Tp ndaK taw apa yg sa tuLis tu..Merepek ja! haha..

~One inCident yg I hate really2 tadi...huh!
mo tau ka, sya pi tandas bha..
itu pengawas eXam ikut smpai dLm tandas &
Wait me at in Front oF d'DooR..
Mcm Taik jak..! hahaha...
ReaLLy uncomFort owH! Tgk Muka sya bha..
Muka JUJUR ba ni..mna mo tiru2 dalam tandas!
Apa barang! hehehe...
aiyooo!! apa pnya pengawas! heH!
instead of that,
Ok jugakLa actly tu Pengawas buat Gtu..
Coz klau Tdk,
Lma2 lg tu Sy D tandas..( tgk cermin pnya psL) ;-p
PdhaL paPer Lum Hbis Jwb tu..3 Question gik!
& the time Left is aRound 30 minutes Gtu la..hehehe

Btw, Walupun Bz Exam,
Jan Lupa On9 jugak Ba..hahaha
k La.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Karnival Rekreasi & Pesta Sukan Air

Wow..the 3days of the last weeX's end is
really tough, tired and busy busy busy day
for us.. yala, we had join the
"Karnival Rekreasi & Pesta Sukan Air UMS"
yg ptama kali d anjurkan under UMS recreation club..
ye sukan baru la..

we all jadi AJK dia la..manage itu ini..
mlm jumaat last week,
kmi tdur d ODEC or
Outdoor Development Recreation centre! jg kasitau kan...haha..saja ja ba..
erm just imagine, kmi tdur d tepi beach bwh khemah..

wahh..mmg best la..
sjuk, nymuk, bunyi mcm2 & byk la...
hehe..jga barang2 kat ctu la..
tp nda jg borink sbab msing2 bwa laptop kn..
hehe..buat asignmnt skit ctu (smpat lg kn)..haha
then, men game, tgk crita lawak2..pastu tdur tp
kjap jala...tukar shift dgn kwn..kekeke
td kmi bjaga, jam 4am gtu kmi pla tdur
pastu dorg yg dh tdur pla bjaga blk..hehe..
gtu la tu konsep dia..he

jam 6am lebih2 gtu, ktorang bgn dh..
siapkn PA system, krusi2, meja2 and
smua2 la at technical parts..
mo prepare utk mjlis perasmian kan..
ada menteri belia & sukan dtg..
En.peter Pang ka..(encik lg tu)..hehe..

Pastu blangsungla sukan2 sabtu & ahad lalu..
waa...mmg best..sukan2 dia byk la..such as:
1) orienteering (di komplex ums)
2) Paintball
3) Perahu Naga
4) Kayak
5) Tangkap itik di laut
6) Senamrobik
7) Byk lagi la..nda ingat suda..kekeke

ada la jugak kmi join kayak..
aduii..pnya mmg pnat3 la..
sakit bahu geng..kekeke
Perahu naga tu dijuarai oleh KF group...
mntap la dorg..hee
Mmg best la spanjang aritu..
puas mandi laut (sunburn dah..hhuhu)
well, Here i put some nonsense pic
at that moment..just take a look.. ;-p

geng2 biotek tu!! cehh...

trip ja lebih..wakaka

posing power rangers ka?? haha

posing ja lebih...kekeke

the beach days...hehe
emm...thats all la..
we really enjoy that days...
jom rmai2 kita menjayakan
aktvt sukan UMS lg..hehehe
"Majulah sukan utk negara!"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vote for Anugerah Pensyarah Cemerlang!!

hmm..nda taw la mo tulis apa ni..
busy jak la this week..
apa2 pun, life must go on..haha

For All UMS students,
marilah kita sama2 vote
pensyarah yang kita rasa layak
untuk mendapat gelaran
"anugerah pensyarah cemerlang"..

utk isi borang apec,
just copy the link below:

(P/s: vote dgn relevan k...hehehe)

Selamat mengundi...or
happy voting !!! kekeke...


Saturday, March 14, 2009

DRaGoN BaLL:::EvoLutiOn!!

Blur pic rite...? hehe..but nevermind..coz thats not the point!
hehehe...Its all only about the new movie..kmi tgk td d cp..
.::DragonBall Evolution::.
Wahh..rmai org la td..
mmg best jugak La...tapi...hmmm...
c Justin Chatwin act as Goku in that movie...
haha...funny la hair dia..mcm nda t'urus plak~
but, nsemboy la c goku ctu..coOL nmpK..
c Chi chi ctu org cina la...cntik jugak..
suka cium c goku...haha..
c bulma pun lady..haha..
c Pikor watak jahat nma dia dlm
ni movie c Picollo klau sya tdk silap la..
buruk kn..he..
the words yg sya suka dlm ni movie is
"The first rule is, there are No Rulez!"
hehe...besa2 ja pun...pelik??! he...

~Crita movie ni mcm too singkat rsanya...
mcm nda puas tgk..hehe.. reaksi bila sya tanya kwn2
sy pas hbis tgk tu muvie..

Me: "Apa la knun kamu rsa ttg ni movie dragonball??"

Charles: "saya suka chi chi.....( sa layan..hehe..)"

Ezwan: "best la..tapi mcm tlalu singkat msa
plawanan c goku sma c picollo...bla..bla..bla.."

Ng: "cpat btul crita dia o..mcm skjap ja c pikor mati..
lagi satu, ko nda prasan ka smua pempuan dia msti pkai
baju smpai nmpk cni...?" (smbil tnjuk dada dia)..duguk!he...

~Well, korang smua tgk la dulu movie tu & feel the
feeling..cehh...hehe..biasa jala sy rsa..cuma part c goku
blajar "kame hame ha" tu yg best...kekeke
kmu tgk la k...enjoy it! length muvie tu
mcm dkat 1 jam 30 mnt puas!!!! hehe...
~emm bah, ni ada pkara2 wajib ni..apalagi,
aksi gmbr2 la...wakaka...
saja2 jak...

ni time kmi bru mau masuk p tgk tu dragonball..
smpat lg ni snap gmbr...haha...

iklan coca cola jap...hehe

Time mo pi beli tiket...nda sabar2 neh..he la tiket...
kabur2 kan...zoom2?hehe...
yg sya ingat, its written wif:::
*HALL 3...
*RM5 (student price)
ntahla..apalg tu..x ingat sda...he..
okay..jan lupa tgk dragon ball tu yaa...
wlaupun mcm nda puas, tp njoy jugak..
gotta go...dadaaaaa~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moshi moshi...japanase here...kekeke

haiik..Ogenki des ka? hehe...
Ni gmbr dkat lebry 1st Floor..yaka??he..
there's a mini exhibition bout the
Japanese culture..
ni patung maharaja & maharani...
tgk smua tu patung2...
sama jak posing dorg..kin pns..
hahaha... (pdhal mmg adat dorg gtu kowt)

Other part of the pameran yg sya suka is...
"the mask".. hehehe...
adehh...lucu tul..
ada pikachu, ultraman, mr.mime
& byk lagi la...pilih la mna2 yg kmu suka..
tp yg sedihnya, ada notis btulis
"jgn sentuh"...huhu..
ingatkn mo jd ultraman skejap..kekeke
This is the mini version banner and the corak dia...but i
dont know tu pasu menyimbol kn ttg apa...hehehe...cntik la the design... =p

This is a little info bout the
Japanese FLower Arrangement..
tp ni gmbr sparuh only la...
just want to introduce ckit2... ;-p
kalo mo tau lebih lanjut,
sila la dtg ke Japanese cultural night tu nnt..
hehe...ceh, smpat jugak promote ni tao...kekeke

Another part is the burung janjang ka? ntah la
apa nama dia tu..they creates many kind of makhluk
using that colour paper...cumiL la..
mo juga sy ambik td..haha..

bah..kalo ada masa tu, pgi la
support ni Japanese week ba...;-p
Arighato gozaimazzzz...!^^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Rules...Gotcha!

.:: Rules ::.
* Go to your photos folder in your computer.
* Go to the 6th folder of photos.
* Go to the 6th picture in that folder.
* Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
* Invite six friends to join the challenge.

~sis ann, sis aya, kyoo, macik natun, thommy jokz, walton...

*Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

yaa...this is my pic as what the rules wanted!!
hehe...this pic is taken when me n my fren
jalan2 at kK..huhu..
sdang withdram duit bha ni..
suddenly ada kreta yg maching ngan
kaler baju aku..RED~
so, snap la gmbr...