Sunday, May 10, 2009

holiday's beginning~ peace...

wah..exam is over!
psl result2 ni apa ble buat la..
just wait n see who is d'LUCKY one!
hahaha.. just begin for most
of Uni students..
i believe dat this is the tme yg
smua student tnggu2 & x sabar2..ahaks..
as well as me kan..kekeke
punya seksa mnunggu o0..
hav to study3.. tension2 but then 
pastu holiday!
really sesuai kn..

just d day after my last xm tu,
trus blk ruma d kk la mlm tu..
the things hav to carry mmg very lot3 la..
but Nvm.. xkn mo kasi tgl d hostel kn..
and now im here..
nothings to do..
all fren got busy with their own business &
at d same time, sy mls jg mo kuar p walk2..
even boring thp dewa,
i rather walk alone at the
backstreet of home's backyard
on the long road
and serve myself with d korean
movie..wah..jiwang! damn shit..haha
skali skala ba..
x salah jg kn..he..

hmm..2morow im going back to kningau..
mo jmpa parents la..
its been a long time din see them..
wna wish hapy moms day?
haha.. sda blalu time tu..
One thing i really scare now..!
im afraid dat this holiday would
running fast than i thought..
oh i wish not..doncha'!

i just wna kongsi ckitla pngalamn time cuti ni..haha
yesteday i was in my sis n bro home..
here la d kk..
the dark kitchen makes me feel good..
then i used to enter without switching on d lamp..
yala, pagi2 kan.. trang2 ckit juga..hhaha
the tupperware seems same ba all..
i think im going to make some milk
for my drinks..
yup, then i took the bekas yg ada plastik silver..
put inside and pour a lil with hot2 water..
put some sugar & mnum la mo rsa..
yucks! wats dis..
kelat2 ni..
rupanya something like tepung sy p ambik..duhh~
how stupid i am..haha
ktawa sndiri2 ni trus..
i feel like org tua yg nyanyuk sda ni..kakaka
but the fact,
im still young age or more sweet called
"underage".... wah! hahaha..parasan!

ok guys..
just njoy this holiday and
have fun..
appreciate ur most valuable time &
use it wisely..k..
(mcm sy ni on9 ja.. jan ikut..x bgus)
happy holiday geng2!
learn from the past and adapt the future~

jumpa lagi..
selamat hari ibu utk my mom & ibu2 sekalian..wah..
baik kunun ni..kakaka
cau dlu..

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