Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last word for the year of 2011

Yahoooo.. (why not google? xD )
After counting down, there are still
half an hour to go to the year of 2012!!
any wishes? any azamm?
well that is meaningless..then..
my friend said "yes, if no action"..
So why make wishes?
make action la trus..hahahah..

bfore its showing 12am/2400 of 1st Jan 2012,
i wud like to said..
"Happy New Year 2012"!!
Huge apologizes if i ever did wrong to u..
and i would exactly apologizing to all of u..
then we start 0-0 back.. deal? :)

Well, this New Year, im going to
clebrate it alone..
bcoz i have to..  no choices :'(
but im glad.. i can face it..
i just hate the sound of firecrackers!
they all sux! damn it.. sorey..
its only for now ba.. 
coz i will play it soon when i going back
to my hometown..
Watchaa!! that time peoples will hate
firecrackers like i felt today!
middle finger up and down back.. ahakz..

Well thats all im going to say now..
let us together say goodbye to 2011..
Thanks for the memories..
and welcome 2012..
Pls be nice and better ya.. :)

Well, again..
Keep strong in moving on our life..
no matter how difficult we are..
God will make a way..
God Bless! ^_^

Keep Smiling :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012!

we are one step closer to the next year..
2012.. Is it the end of the day? LOL!

Well.. im so having fun with christmas tis year..
as usual exchange gifts..lots of food..
laughing.. and i know it just for temporary..
the smiles.. the laugh.. coz every year like that!
but i never sick of it..
coz i know it is a blessed moment! indeed..

So, i wish all my friends..

I want to share this song with u guys..
It is a request from my fren, Sis LITA!!
sory late! haha..
feel sorry for u coz this christmas
you won't be at home..
anyway, SILVER BELL as u asked!

To all my friends, sorry deeply if i
ever done lots of mistake
since we are called friends!
Have a nice day everyone!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trade Table? OMG!

My bos said just now..
Kindly pls study the trade table..
Haha.. i have no idea at all..
so i write a blog to waste my time..
and if i cant answer well soon,
i will blame myself and THIS BLOG!
huhuhu.. poor blog.. :p

ok.. work and study..
Keep On Learning :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow :)

Another small voice..
want to share the feeling!
mcm di pelangi..haha
this song had ever appear in my dreams..

This song means much to me..
i like the part when..
"blue birds fly over the rainbow..
why can't i??" or...we??
Always give your best in life..
all the best in future undertaking fellas!


I'm yours by Cruz! hohoho...

Just a piece of art..
made by Cruz..
Peace!! ^^V
more song??? 
orait folks..
thanks for watching! :D
sorry for the out tune..


Again..bored..and this is gonna happen! Sing it!!!

I ever sing this song with a band..
and its for someone...
mcm during keramaian if im not mistaken.. 
i mean masa kenduri kawin gtu..
so wanna sing it back la..
wlaupun sore throat, sa mo juga..!!
ok hear it is..
::: Wonderful Tonight ::: by Cruz! ::: 
ala..layan jiwangg laaagi!! haha
When it sounds bad,
huge apologizes from me ok..
i know it..
just want to enjoyyy!!!   :D

Have a nice day everyone!

Very damn bored! nahh ambekk!! wakaka..

This is what i do when i really2 get bored..
release my tension by badly!
i try my best..
the result is sore throat!
Well, if tommorow never comes by Cruz!
layan jiwang kita..
injoiiii!! :D

More songs to come..
dead la your ear ni..mendengar..haha..
huhh...Sakit sora sda nie..
pa2 pun, mo p mnum air..
bilik sa jd tmpat kbox da..


C Yan Request! haha

we know each other for about 3 month..
during our previous internship..
hahaha.. well..
"JAR OF HEARTs" had been done..
sakit tekak sa..jd sa nynyi sikit jala..
tu pun sumbang suda..
more songs to come..

This cud happen when u
really2 get very2 bored! haha..
ENJOY! uwekkkk~~

Sorry to say..
i know it sounds really bad.. 
yet i always go kbox..
to impr0ve and fix it.. Lalalalala..
So, lets go to kbox!!! hohoooo... xD


Monday, December 12, 2011


I am bored..
yeah boring tul..
go interview yestrday..but seems hopeless..
coz my mistake..haha.. LOL.. nvm..

These days suddenly freaks me out..
no why? why and why??
thats what i want to talk bout now..

this sudden feeling comes to me today..
Why i feel such a weird..
then i find out and figure it out..
i found that im not being myself anymore..
ya..i am not as i am and what i used to be..

then i speak to my little heart..
"be strong geng.."
i realized i become a very weak person..
and hoping too much in my prayer..
without pushing it with 100% effort.
where changes can happen if only...
"I changed myself first" !
perhaps...i might be trapped in my
fake self-world.. hohoho..

But, no matter what it is..
we all have our own strengtheness..
and yes, use it! as part of our life..
and then i smile back..
took my handpon..
and.... CLICK!! 
begambar dulu.. bilang hati kecil ku..

Smile and be strong! (self-motivated)

Ohya, tu hari i go watch "Ombak Rindu" movie..
and..and.. damn!! What a nice Malay Movie made!
hahahaha.. memang sedih la tp steady lar ^_^

Oraitttt... Just rmember my friends..


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a graduated Life!

So what next?
twittering ya... facebooking..ahaa..
myspacing..ok.. tagging...yupp..
then?? no friendstering ok! LOL.

Well, i heard my friends at "U" were
busy preparing for their class, test, exam, 
presentation, project bla..bla.. i know how
is it feel.. ya..ex-student maaa.. =p
even i miss all of it.. gonna go to lecture and so on..
haaa feel thankful at the same time..
coz no need to go class anymore and
think too much bout student responsibility? haha..

No doubt..
fresh graduate memang like this ba..
they just trying to adapt into
"working world"... haha..
but for me, im not working yet..

keep thinking bout my career..
i wonder what future holds me..
but its too early for all of this..
december is holiday month for most people!
ya keep enjoy first..
(padahal pnat suda enjoy nie..huh,,haha)

anyway, i really thankful to
God, Family, Friends.. for all their support..
until i became graduated person!
all the best for everyone..
whom still called as STUDENT! ahakz..

Pls have a short moment on
my fews graduates pic below..
With my Daddy =)

With my younger Sista =)

With my dad and sisters =)

With My Best Friends =)

Geng Harry potter!! LOL

And.... Finally... i am Officially Graduated! Smile^^
Thanks =) 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Whatsupp? Nothing up! LOL

Masuk musim online sepanjang masa!
haiyaa... mix feeling rite now..
Bored.. bit njoy.. sleepy. hungry..
woahhhh!! what a day..

Someone help me! hahaaha..
Let me help myself first..
If i cant, i'll ask for help then..

but u must be confuse rite..
what does he mean by helping??
haha.. ya i do even think bout that..
asking help but for what huh?
Noob me.. crap! wakakakka.. LOL..

Just messing around ba..
Jokes jokes and jokes..
Laugh laugh and laugh..
and then mnum susu 1MALAYSIA !!
wakaka..funny this milk tp nice taste la..
Ngai yin!!!! ahakzz..
bah kita munm duluuu!! tarik siopon..ehh

ok buddiess...
im gonna staring the TV first..
then completing my CV..
see ya soon,,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A bit part of my temporary life going to END!!

Ya i just resign from my temporary work.. Bye TCRS!
i just to complete my waiting time for CONVOCATION!!
First of all, i really felt so0o excited for this graduation day..
ya ,,used to think of it..
but.. however, as time goes by.. it become feel less..
huh? feel less? no words like dat ow..wkwkwkw..
no feel ba.. its kind of less excited.. i dont know..
too many stuff to think mungkin..
Die la Frog,, eh mati la katak.. hahaha..

oraitt.. either excited or not, its not so important..
just move must go on!! yaa..

Im going to damn kbox first! haha.. LOLx
till we meet again.. DaDaaaaa~~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My internship already finish! Done! Complete!
Thank God. All just nice, under control. Hope so :D

and Now..
I have to find my Own future.
drive our own ship on the sea,
yet we know there are some part
which are so wavy! i mean the sea.
dont lose control! Never!
Keep on moving!
try hard!
Dont blame the situation..
be thankful for the challenge!
experience it! Why?!
Coz wavy sea made a skillful sailor! Isn't it?

Another great weekdays (last week)
yeah spent it at my village (hometown).
It was just nice and a bit boring.
yah coz u dont know what to do.
and there are some reason, 
that change the environment.
and i feel like is it my home?
where i used to laugh before?
being playful, yerp, very!
but then, (-_-)zzZ
forget bout it! just a memories :)
keep it real! Life must go on & be better!

I need to find my destination,
yerp,, Every ship has their own way right?
Ok.. imma going to find a way!
brighter way, far from the darkness, Hopefully!

Alrite.. Wish my friends out there
stay healthy and be strong
for whatever happening around!
I close my eyes....... and i pray :)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Practical season!

Now is practical season..
we r in Unit Sains Teknologi (UST) JKM..
Enjoy buhh.. hehhehe..

Mo tau crita selanjutnya ...?
ba, tepuk tangan lu..
suda..? suda..?

Yeahhh..hbs crita... HAHA!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Its my birthday!!! Enjoy wif soulmate frens ^^

wahh.. not realize i already 22.. huhu??
is it? slap me..slap me.. i might be dreaming nie..
or perhaps just imagination !! hehehe..

naahh.. its fact im growing up now..
evrybodys like dat ..huhu
our biotech dinner for last week is very2 awesome!
ecs to my group "D2FaMe" ...hahaha,
dont forget our korean dance ya!! hahax..

then yesterday was my bday..
wah, not expect my lovely coursemate
celebrating it.. byk la hal dorg kasi main2..
but i know c0z it seems weird that time..
anyway, its cool.. so sweet my frens..

How i wish i cud stay being ur frens for ever guys..
u know who u are..
n i know im not a perfect fren at all but i will
try my best to be a gud fren to u all..
i dunno  whenever i think bout future,
i remember u guys..
i never had a bday celebration like this bfore..
nvr also hv a frens who face easy n difficult days 2gther..
plus, we also working our study n enjoy 2gether..
share evry moment..waaaa... 
thanks all.. thanks ..
ranma, apiz, wan, cals,nema, mimi, mashi, elvy,
flo, ng n all my coursemates..
I love u all... seriously..

not forget to my kwn2 in CSG ..
we oso create great moment guys...
keep in touch.. ^_^

our time in ums is limited n0w..
evrybody will go to ur own life pathway,
some go further study, some r working,
some mayb kawin??? who knows! hahahax..
jan lupa jemput2 la.. :p

orait.. im afraid to countdown the time in ums..
just want to have fun with all my frens
instead of studying for final xm n completing my final
year project...


Putung kek... ^_^
Hahahhaha...c inan paling jajal..
Friends of Mine!

U guys the best! hope can be ur fren not just for now, but for the whole ife! ^_^

Take care n remember my bday wish!
FRIENDS  FOREVER! *peace & love*


Monday, April 4, 2011

Hai ..Hello.. update2..haha

wo0ooo... lma nya x update nie blog..
uik i missed the month of MARCH for the update!!!
Noooo..... hahahhahahax..

Waa.. very busy o0..tapi..
instead of the busy of study, assignmnt, thesis,
guess what???
we still have a lot of time to
njoy.. yup.. ecspecially with my coursemate..

well, two days in a row, we went shopping for
our biotech dinner this comin saturday..
hahahhaha.. its kinda awesome..
jarang nie dpt shopping2 bgini.. bli elegant2 things..
slalu men bantai ja bli stuff, but now
double careness.. uisheaa ngam kaitu..hahhaha..

lagi siuk masa hari sabtu lalu,
kmi join tournament futsal ..
Biotech FC!!!! u rock!!! hahahahx..
wlaupun dpt naib johan ja, tp njoy !!!

haizz..skrg bergelut lg ma thesis..
struggle as usual... its common things for final year student
burhh.. hmm.. k la..wish me luck for my thesis or
final year project writing... :p

pa2 pun, live life to the fullest!!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love my late mom so much... i will never say goodbye..

Since i was small...
the most scariest thing i've ever think is "how if i lost my mom"?
if suddenly i'd thinking of dat dulu,
then quickly i said "jauh2..pls..God..dont".. really2 scare if think bout that..
and now....its true.. lost my mom at the end of january 2011....
still feel like a dream..zzZzz.. pls wake up!!

I still rmember that christmas celebration of 2010..
All of us ONE FAMILY happy as usual..
this is the most favourite day in my life since i was kids..
then, i shake my moms hand on the new year eve..
n then, all days become sorrow..

Mum...we all Love u so so so so much..
u are the greatest mother in the world..
no woman cud ever replace u mom..
& i know.. God Love u the most.. where only
HIM can keep u comfort until we meet someday..
Mum.. your gone was really2 a BIG TEST for us..
but we always hope the best for u mom..

Evrytime during school, i alwes wait for ur call mom..
and once u call me dulu, i was really2 excited..
until i post it on my FB status.. :)
how i wish i cud have ur call again while im studying..
but for sure... im the one who will make a call from now on mom..
just on your hp.. God sure allow us to speak together.. Amen..

Im sure u still with us mom..
and we always be with u, now & forever..
only u can make my tears falls perfectly..
i miss u mom... miss u everytime..

my LOVE will always be the first & longest for the
wonderful & sweet woman called Rose..
My Lovely Mom.. Ur smile when u sleep
will always make us know u are heavenly peace
from that day, now, n forever....

I love my family very much!
.. dad..sist & bro.. niece.. nephew..all of them..
pls take care.. pray always.. God always b with us..

Mom, i just wanted to let you know i care for you,
mom, i wanted to tell you that 'i love you' ,
mom, i want to tell you i dont want to see you leave ,
but if you do, please remember us.. family..

O thank you mom, for all the things you did ,
O thank you mom, for being super lovely mother for us ,
O thank you mom, for toiling hard for all ,
O thank you mom, for all the love you gave! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year??

New year 2011 was bad initiating for me,
yep, there are some reasonz..~ better keep it silent.

Searching for happiness is what i am now..
Take care all my frenssss...