Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last word for the year of 2011

Yahoooo.. (why not google? xD )
After counting down, there are still
half an hour to go to the year of 2012!!
any wishes? any azamm?
well that is meaningless..then..
my friend said "yes, if no action"..
So why make wishes?
make action la trus..hahahah..

bfore its showing 12am/2400 of 1st Jan 2012,
i wud like to said..
"Happy New Year 2012"!!
Huge apologizes if i ever did wrong to u..
and i would exactly apologizing to all of u..
then we start 0-0 back.. deal? :)

Well, this New Year, im going to
clebrate it alone..
bcoz i have to..  no choices :'(
but im glad.. i can face it..
i just hate the sound of firecrackers!
they all sux! damn it.. sorey..
its only for now ba.. 
coz i will play it soon when i going back
to my hometown..
Watchaa!! that time peoples will hate
firecrackers like i felt today!
middle finger up and down back.. ahakz..

Well thats all im going to say now..
let us together say goodbye to 2011..
Thanks for the memories..
and welcome 2012..
Pls be nice and better ya.. :)

Well, again..
Keep strong in moving on our life..
no matter how difficult we are..
God will make a way..
God Bless! ^_^

Keep Smiling :)

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