Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a graduated Life!

So what next?
twittering ya... facebooking..ahaa..
myspacing..ok.. tagging...yupp..
then?? no friendstering ok! LOL.

Well, i heard my friends at "U" were
busy preparing for their class, test, exam, 
presentation, project bla..bla.. i know how
is it feel.. ya..ex-student maaa.. =p
even i miss all of it.. gonna go to lecture and so on..
haaa feel thankful at the same time..
coz no need to go class anymore and
think too much bout student responsibility? haha..

No doubt..
fresh graduate memang like this ba..
they just trying to adapt into
"working world"... haha..
but for me, im not working yet..

keep thinking bout my career..
i wonder what future holds me..
but its too early for all of this..
december is holiday month for most people!
ya keep enjoy first..
(padahal pnat suda enjoy nie..huh,,haha)

anyway, i really thankful to
God, Family, Friends.. for all their support..
until i became graduated person!
all the best for everyone..
whom still called as STUDENT! ahakz..

Pls have a short moment on
my fews graduates pic below..
With my Daddy =)

With my younger Sista =)

With my dad and sisters =)

With My Best Friends =)

Geng Harry potter!! LOL

And.... Finally... i am Officially Graduated! Smile^^
Thanks =) 

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