Friday, July 31, 2009

Family day Biotech 2009!! fuh~

Ehemm.. testing mic... testing mic..
well, for the latest event,
"Biotechnology family day"
was held at karambunai resort! wah...
it was d one of the best memory jugakla..
even nothing yg interest kn, tp
yg pnting njoyla..
~Objektif dia ialah...
to celebrate the junior as well the senior too..
hehe.. tp senior mmg ckit jala yg dtg..
mmg pnat la time tu..
aku jadi emcee lg tu..
tp MC yg nda bole pakai pnya! wakaka..
dgn c syahira.. best jg la..
ntahla apa yg kmi merepek tu..
spontan ba..
just talk wat walk in the mind..huh??
Best jg la..
ada men games..
make unggun api..
sit together..sharing..
swimming n play2 the boat! haha..
sy plg x puas hati bla xdpt join dorang naik
banana boat..waaaa!!!
sy xda bwa bju or even sluar spare ba..
xkanla mo pkai jeans kn..
mmg komfom jatuh dlm laut, nah..
ctu la ko merana... pkai jeans basah until night..
then, sy ikut member la p Indah permai (IP)..
beli sluar la konon dgn kwn2..
tp smpai d karambunai blk,
the counter for banana boat tutup sda..
oh no.. holy shit..haha..
biarlah..mgkin takdir da sy nda dpt men tu
banana boat..kan3..hee
Then, part yg best jugak~ time BBQ..
sdap ayam dia..madu dia manis! hehe..
lapar neh trus..kekeke gmbr2 skit la time
family day biotek tu..
take a look... ;-)

Banner Family Day Biotech 09/10!
ni time ptandingan rekaan pakaian guna sumber alam semula jd..(kcuali newspaper tu la) haha.. yg pnting, MC di blakang2 dua2 nmpk hijau ba...cehhh....wakakak
ni time perasmian.. abg iszam juga la VIP harapan...ekekee.. la konon2 MC dia..haduihh..
teda2 yg pnting, GREENNNN...ekekeke..

Byk lg ba gmbr.. hmm..
later la i re-post again k..
cehh..mcm ada org nk tgk gak kn..
oraits... gotta go..

Friday, July 17, 2009

21 guns...! Lets sing 2gether~

Greenday! my star~

Do you know what's worth fighting for

When it's not worth dying for?

Does it take your breath away

And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh out the pride?

And you look for a place to hide?

Did someone break your heart inside?

You're in ruins


One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

One, 21 guns

Throw up your arms into the sky

You and I

When you're at the end of the road

And you lost all sense of control

And your thoughts have taken their toll

When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul

Your faith walks on broken glass

And the hangover doesn't pass

Nothing's ever built to last

You're in ruins


One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

One, 21 guns

Throw up your arms into the sky

You and I

Did you try to live on your own

When you burned down the house and home

Did you stand too close to the fire

Like a liar looking for forgiveness

From a stone

When it's time to live and let die

And you can't get another try

Something inside this heart has died

You're in ruins


One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

One, 21 guns

Throw up your arms into the sky


You and I....?

-hmm...trus apa la ni?


saja mo share this great spiritual songs ba!

for me la....hehe.. ;-)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The only songs...

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see...

’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears reliev’d;
How precious did that grace appear,
The hour I first believ’d....

~Feel calm to hear this songs..
yep, its been so long i din cherish maself
with a soft impressive songs..

~Sometimes we njoy d melody..&
sometimes we oso njoy d words..
& sometimes we even njoy d voice within..
but, its not a big deal ba..
people comes wif a variety of perspective actly..

~well, wat d most important is we njoy to hear
d sound of the songs as long as ___(1)___.
emm...the space (1) can be fill with any words
as possible..
suka ati ko la..hehehe.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Back 2 oLdSkuL~

the chaos of goin' back 2 school!!

Holiday is over~
Dengan ini,
mengumumkan penutupan cuti semester
utk plajar2 lama UMS...(bunyi musik mendayu)..ekeke
lecture mau start sda..
so kna ready2 la ni mo dating dgn buku blk..aiyoo..he
its student's job in fact..
apa ble buat kn.. ;-)

for all ums juniors & seniors,
ecspecially to the RC students,
dont 4get to join the
"welcoming gathering" party
that will be held on this 19th july at
CSG center, shan tao! sebelah SHC ja...
See u there~ GBU+ :-)