Monday, December 12, 2011


I am bored..
yeah boring tul..
go interview yestrday..but seems hopeless..
coz my mistake..haha.. LOL.. nvm..

These days suddenly freaks me out..
no why? why and why??
thats what i want to talk bout now..

this sudden feeling comes to me today..
Why i feel such a weird..
then i find out and figure it out..
i found that im not being myself anymore..
ya..i am not as i am and what i used to be..

then i speak to my little heart..
"be strong geng.."
i realized i become a very weak person..
and hoping too much in my prayer..
without pushing it with 100% effort.
where changes can happen if only...
"I changed myself first" !
perhaps...i might be trapped in my
fake self-world.. hohoho..

But, no matter what it is..
we all have our own strengtheness..
and yes, use it! as part of our life..
and then i smile back..
took my handpon..
and.... CLICK!! 
begambar dulu.. bilang hati kecil ku..

Smile and be strong! (self-motivated)

Ohya, tu hari i go watch "Ombak Rindu" movie..
and..and.. damn!! What a nice Malay Movie made!
hahahaha.. memang sedih la tp steady lar ^_^

Oraitttt... Just rmember my friends..


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