Wednesday, December 14, 2011

C Yan Request! haha

we know each other for about 3 month..
during our previous internship..
hahaha.. well..
"JAR OF HEARTs" had been done..
sakit tekak sa..jd sa nynyi sikit jala..
tu pun sumbang suda..
more songs to come..

This cud happen when u
really2 get very2 bored! haha..
ENJOY! uwekkkk~~

Sorry to say..
i know it sounds really bad.. 
yet i always go kbox..
to impr0ve and fix it.. Lalalalala..
So, lets go to kbox!!! hohoooo... xD


1 comment:

  1. hahaha!! been a long time edi u post dis, baru saya komen oh kan.hehe to tell u the truth, 1st time ada org nyanyi tuk sy oh. im really really appreciate it, and im touched. uiseh! haha thanx a lot, dude!! =))

    been missing those happy days.. n hope to see u guys again. =))