Monday, April 4, 2011

Hai ..Hello.. update2..haha

wo0ooo... lma nya x update nie blog..
uik i missed the month of MARCH for the update!!!
Noooo..... hahahhahahax..

Waa.. very busy o0..tapi..
instead of the busy of study, assignmnt, thesis,
guess what???
we still have a lot of time to
njoy.. yup.. ecspecially with my coursemate..

well, two days in a row, we went shopping for
our biotech dinner this comin saturday..
hahahhaha.. its kinda awesome..
jarang nie dpt shopping2 bgini.. bli elegant2 things..
slalu men bantai ja bli stuff, but now
double careness.. uisheaa ngam kaitu..hahhaha..

lagi siuk masa hari sabtu lalu,
kmi join tournament futsal ..
Biotech FC!!!! u rock!!! hahahahx..
wlaupun dpt naib johan ja, tp njoy !!!

haizz..skrg bergelut lg ma thesis..
struggle as usual... its common things for final year student
burhh.. hmm.. k la..wish me luck for my thesis or
final year project writing... :p

pa2 pun, live life to the fullest!!!


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