Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love my late mom so much... i will never say goodbye..

Since i was small...
the most scariest thing i've ever think is "how if i lost my mom"?
if suddenly i'd thinking of dat dulu,
then quickly i said "jauh2..pls..God..dont".. really2 scare if think bout that..
and now....its true.. lost my mom at the end of january 2011....
still feel like a dream..zzZzz.. pls wake up!!

I still rmember that christmas celebration of 2010..
All of us ONE FAMILY happy as usual..
this is the most favourite day in my life since i was kids..
then, i shake my moms hand on the new year eve..
n then, all days become sorrow..

Mum...we all Love u so so so so much..
u are the greatest mother in the world..
no woman cud ever replace u mom..
& i know.. God Love u the most.. where only
HIM can keep u comfort until we meet someday..
Mum.. your gone was really2 a BIG TEST for us..
but we always hope the best for u mom..

Evrytime during school, i alwes wait for ur call mom..
and once u call me dulu, i was really2 excited..
until i post it on my FB status.. :)
how i wish i cud have ur call again while im studying..
but for sure... im the one who will make a call from now on mom..
just on your hp.. God sure allow us to speak together.. Amen..

Im sure u still with us mom..
and we always be with u, now & forever..
only u can make my tears falls perfectly..
i miss u mom... miss u everytime..

my LOVE will always be the first & longest for the
wonderful & sweet woman called Rose..
My Lovely Mom.. Ur smile when u sleep
will always make us know u are heavenly peace
from that day, now, n forever....

I love my family very much!
.. dad..sist & bro.. niece.. nephew..all of them..
pls take care.. pray always.. God always b with us..

Mom, i just wanted to let you know i care for you,
mom, i wanted to tell you that 'i love you' ,
mom, i want to tell you i dont want to see you leave ,
but if you do, please remember us.. family..

O thank you mom, for all the things you did ,
O thank you mom, for being super lovely mother for us ,
O thank you mom, for toiling hard for all ,
O thank you mom, for all the love you gave! 


  1. Huhuhuhuhu what a wonderful story! u make me cried cyrut with ur post! i do love my mum too and the whole family... sorry for ur lost! be strong!(pandai o sia ckp kan) but if me sure donno how to face it.. But everything is God will ba kan. All the best in future life cyril! love ya brotha!!! ~ GOD Bless u and family too kio ~

  2. 'lel be strong ar..pray for her soul..