Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My internship already finish! Done! Complete!
Thank God. All just nice, under control. Hope so :D

and Now..
I have to find my Own future.
drive our own ship on the sea,
yet we know there are some part
which are so wavy! i mean the sea.
dont lose control! Never!
Keep on moving!
try hard!
Dont blame the situation..
be thankful for the challenge!
experience it! Why?!
Coz wavy sea made a skillful sailor! Isn't it?

Another great weekdays (last week)
yeah spent it at my village (hometown).
It was just nice and a bit boring.
yah coz u dont know what to do.
and there are some reason, 
that change the environment.
and i feel like is it my home?
where i used to laugh before?
being playful, yerp, very!
but then, (-_-)zzZ
forget bout it! just a memories :)
keep it real! Life must go on & be better!

I need to find my destination,
yerp,, Every ship has their own way right?
Ok.. imma going to find a way!
brighter way, far from the darkness, Hopefully!

Alrite.. Wish my friends out there
stay healthy and be strong
for whatever happening around!
I close my eyes....... and i pray :)


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