Sunday, May 24, 2009

D'next American IdoL~

Adam Lambert~

Kris ALLen~

Lately, American idol for the 8th season had been
won by??? haha...
for sure, Kris ALLen la..
Adam just got the 2nd place!
Many people feel mcm it is hard to blieve for
Church worship leader like Kris Allen beated out the 
theater actor Adam Lambert...
as we said,
Nothing yg mustahil ba..
Both of them do a great job at the finale concert!
undeniable la...
But...ada but cni la..
when we observe btul2 la,
its a Fact that Adam was being more Talented
and owned an awesome gift of voice...fantastic!
gila o0 dgr suara dia..
kick abis oo...ahahaha..
ko pun t'nga2 mungkin sna..hehehe
Kris pun ada big talent juga la..
masing2 ada kelebihan sendiri jg..
istri dia pun fulamak..cntik! ngam la dorg kawin..haha
tp menurut sumber i-Gossip,
Adam lose bcoz he was gay..
tu sa dont know la..
coz im just a common reader &
not the pro judges... 
Well, thats all bout them..
congrats for them.. (bukan dorg phm blog sa jg pun)..
ahahahah...men2 ja..
By the way,
enjoy the holiday's moment..
Hargailah masa anda..