Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exam week.... Mmg perform! haha...

Hmm... rsa mcm hari sangat lmbat berlalu eh..
well, musim exam kn..
3 paper had been taken.. now 4 yet to go..
OMG.. 4 paper nex week..
need to cover a lot lot lot topics...
waarghh... how am i gonna do dat?
i cant just hoping to my luck totally! huh...
well, just go with it..
apa2 mo ckp tu mmg easy la
tp mo buat tu yg amat2 payah..kan3..

today just take HE paper..
mcm biasa..using M16 weapon then...?
then what..?
tinggal 1 week lagi utk sya stay d bilik blok
sya yg tercinta ini..huhu
next sem im gonna move to another blok..
i think so...
life will change permanently as well as
the days goes passing by and keep repeating

Apa bole buat la..
Life must go on for sure! hehe...
I miss my hamlet..
ya, dunno why...
i miss the envi kowt.. not sure even for myself!

need to put more effort on my study and 
dont ever kept standing on the luck must be remixx baru la mantap!

im outta here..
once again, gudluck for exam guys..
Be co0l...

(0_O)/  dadaaaaaa~

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