Saturday, August 22, 2009

is this holiday? no no no no...

wat a weird intro rite..he.
nothing much to say jg ni..
just wanna update this oldiest blog, think so..
Now is holiday ba..
sminggu jala..even cuti kan, but the mind
still kept thinking on.......~~~
first, assignments....
2nd, Lab reports...
3rd, Presentations...
then, Midterm... and etc..

All blum kna touch ba..
even a piece of paper pun..
Aiyoo... how la ni..
but its ok..
keep on the effort as long as i cud..rite..
evrybody actly facing this situation ba..
lagi la yg ada thesis ecs 4 final year stdent..
huhu.. well, inilah yg dikata kn
"student's job" kan.. undeniable lg..HARUS!
haha..A moment to be remembered la knun..haha..
wana wish "hapy fasting"
to all my frens...
its time to say goodbye..
Im going to the lab dlu..esehh..~

Cau.. dadaaaa...!

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