Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Frenship words~

Frens that r defeating each other~

Patrick & SPongebob singing together. Why?

How bout tis kittens? Why do they keep
together in the basket?

This is what we called.....

A GooD Fren diDn't Give Shit To Fren..
UnLess The FreN Asked For it!

A GooD Fren CaRe To Fren's FeeLing..
UnLess The FreN Hurting!

A GooD frEn WiLL NvR Lie To Fren..
UnLess The Fren Do it 1st!

A GooD FreN Always Think bout Fren,
UnLess The Fren Talk at Behind!

A GooD FreN Always Missing Fren,
UnLess The FRen Denied!

But No Matter How Closest The
FrenShip Are, It cud turn to Cats & DOgs!!
However, it Still called Friends..
yup, friend! that keep last in memories...
now And ForeveR.. (T_T)


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