Friday, February 26, 2010

Poem of the day~

di suatu petang yg dingin
(padahal panas)...haha,
aku menatap langit yg redup..
seperti mau hujan tp tdk juga..
awan2 biru masih kelihatan..
aku trus terpikir sesuatu..
"mau ambi kain!!!".......haha

wanna share my daily poem from
the one greater book. lets have a look!

There is 0nly 0ne You
Every person born into this world,
represent something new,
something that never existed,
something original & unique...

It is the duty of every person to know:
that there has never been anyone,
like him/her in the world...
for it there had been anyone like him/her,
there would have been no need for
him/her to be in this world...

Every single person is
a new thing in this world..
and is called upon to fulfill his
particularity in this world..

:-) so, basically,
we know that each of us are
born to be ourself originally!
renung2 kan lah wahai kwn2 sekalian..

gotta go..

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