Tuesday, April 20, 2010

exam! but MSK is still in memory! miss it..

hush hush...
diz exam week is rely2 make me weak inside..
although din use too much energy physically but
thinking, memorizing, understanding too much cud
replace it!!!
wat a damn..
well, dis is wat we called life...haiz.. :-(

Yesterday was my 1st paper..
very killer paper i guess.. din cover much of it..
din revise well, then at the exam hall, also coming late..
quite late i guess.. but evrythings gonna b ok.. (ya ka... padahal)
wakakka..din sure..just tot 4 it.. god bless! haha!!

turn to the main point!! wakakak..
well, last saturday, handling program
MSK-mLm 1ooo kenangan was very exciting!.. (1000 ker? haha.cruel!)
emm last program in CSG-UMS for 09/10 session..
quite sad but not much as i tot cud happen..
the feeling din "aim'' the goal! hahaaa.. (don get blur)
i think so la..but thats not too vital la..
the most essential here is the theme..
"peliharalah kasih persaudaraan" (IBR 13:1)..

but soon after this,
whenever n wherever we are,
we are still brothers n sisters forever... hopefuly..
A memory that last 4ever!!!!!
keep in touch u all.....
rely Love u all A LOT :)

Special wish to all Senior of CSG
that will grade this year..2010~
Thanks guys!! Hugss^^

Simple pic brings Super duper memory..
Lets hav a look :)

Love this so0oO0o much!!
i miss it.huhu..
hehehehehe... keep on Rockin' CSG!!
God bless!
4get me Not ;-)


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