Friday, July 16, 2010

Walk2..Enjoy2.. :-D

Today story.....

Just for today..after class ended at 10am,
going out to 1Borneo with frens @ coursemate..
first, we going to eat2..
hehe.. eat PizzA Hut..
nice one..yummy! haha..LOL

Then going for movie..
New release One.. called "INCEPTION".. 
wow... 4 over 5 star la i give..haha
its about going into dream or memory..
danger2..but enjoy ..haha..
yg blum tgk tu msti blur2 ni.. :)
bah jan lupa pgi watch the movie la k..

After usual...
wajib place: KBOX!!!
singing until losing voice!
pnya gila.. pastu lari turun bawah pi
buy some drink waters.. sanggup ni..haha
Finish with it, go dance lagi..haha..
DDR or dance2 Revolution..
hahaha.. Sux!!
long time din play kan..
but still nice.. (ceh2, prasan..haha)
Then Go back hostel almost 5pm..
(yaka? lupa2 ingat)... ahh nvermind!! don care!
hehe.. then dreaming on my bed..zZzZz
----> Well, this is the first day 4 us to enjoy2
for this new sem..Soon will be again! haha ^_^
Nothing much to say again..
have a nice day everyone...
Take care..

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