Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hepi Holy...holy... holiday^^

Skali lg gua muncul dgn gmbr2 yg msh
nmpk sama unsur2 nya..tul tdk..ahaksz..
running out of pic'z~ ;-p

Now, ni gmbr pun dh jd profile pic FB sy..
hmm seiring dgn zaman kn..
skrg holiday season is coming closer..
So, unsur2 gini la yg d perlukan.. (teda2 ba)..haha
so, wna wish u all
"happy holiday & hav a gud2 day at home"..
u gonna miss 'em me :-)

Hmm..sadly, i cant go back home so soon..
We r joining National Camp at pace Bene, Papar..
This weekend start...until 25 may...
then baru dpt blk hometown..huhu..

Hey you!!
Pls oh Cheer up la..
no need to b use!
the home will not lari & leave us kan...haha
Just stay for who u are n stick with the
root from where u are made up..
(@_@)??? blurr ka?
sa pun blur pa yg sa tulis tu..
Forget it~

Orait..once again..
HaPpY HoLidaY For aLL oF u ya!!
& just wait for the judgement day
of our exam!! hahahah...

Salam 1Malaysia.. (perlu ka..haha)


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