Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Fever! Waka Waka..^_^

eat ball, drink ball, sleep ball, dream ball..
Nah, alang2 eat fishball ja la.. wakkaka.. LOL!
Hmm, Some people might facing the
FIFA World Cup fever! undeniable..haha.. xD

Moving on to the Quater final, the team
that qualify is really deserved to be there!
yah..such for England, i think that
they look not so convincing
since their first appearance games...
So Losing to Germany is not so shock for me..
sorry to say guys, its fact indeed..right..

But what affect me much is the match
between SPAIN & PORTUGAL...
(tomorrow at 2.30am)
Both is my team woo.. *prasan! lol..
Spain was the 2nd ranking in FIFA standings
while 3rd for Portugal...see, how great records!
it should be interactive match soon..
emm, hopefully! haha.. *ragu2 knun.. ;p

Well, depend on their luck la..
support them both!!! WAKA WAKA..hey ya.. :D
Let us support the world cup always!
gotcha! gonna update more n more...yuhhuu
We might been asking what teams gonna be qualify
to the next round..hmm then who comes for the
final match?? Naahh..
Together we watch it...
Owh ya..
Beting tu beting juga...tp jan smpai
bankrupt arr.. agak2 la..hahaha.. LOL..