Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sabah Youth National Forum (SYNF) 2010

We are One Malaysia..Passion to lead the future..Support each other.. Challenge!!!

Nice to meet u all again..hehe..
well, just wanna share u guys with
the youth forum (SYNF) that i just attend
since last friday until yesterday..

All of this happen spontaneously..
without any plan, any info, any desired..
But the instinct force us to join the
"Sabah National Youth Forum 2010" which is
held at UMS with the participation almost 400 peeps,
which are students of IPTA/S from almost whole around Sabah..!!

What a great experience..
I like the Games & the content of the Forum at all..
many benefits comes and the most important
is the building of our "youth Spirit" among us..
Damn, awesome!! hahaha..

Its really make us felt boosted with the confident & trustworthy..
plus, Many friendly peeps that actively socializing with us..
wonderful moment..
This forum was basically organized 
for the future of Net generation..
What? u duNNo wat is Net Generation?
Orait..i'll share a bit 
info for u guys..

Net Generation is also known as Echo Boomers, Millenium Generation,
iGeneration, Einstein Generation, Sunshine Generation, Generation Y2K and also Google Generation..
Yes, This generation was born at the range of 1977-1997 
(mcm kami la..haha)
Ni Generasi juga kna panggil Generasi Y.. So, yg beliau2 sda skarang tu ofkoz la generasi X.. Jan rsau, dia bilang tu menteri belia dan sukan, "wlaupun generasi X ni beliau2 suda, tp ni jiwa masi mcm Belia ba"... hahaha.. Ok ba...Layannn!!.. "i support u!!!"...trus tepuk tgn ,haha.. ^_^ heeee

Time tu, ada jg snap pic skit2 tp skit sgt la..
Besa la..x kamera ba..nnt la tnggu i beli kamera lu,
baru i snap pic byk2 ye..wakakaka
(yaiii, pnya buruk men "i i" kunun...hahaha)
ba2, tgk la skijap ar..jan lama2..hehe..

Ehem..posing2 dulu ba kijap di tangga..haha
UMS + AKMA... group name? Xtreme Xposure.. ada X, ada segalanya.. Yaiiii...wakaka

Semua Khusyuk knun mendengar Forum Belia.. terutama pasal "Politik"..haishhh

"Saya tdk suka rmbut kamu bala tanga, kasi bala siring!" haha...
Naa, jan kamu main2, Ketua menteri Sabah ada dtg ba..YAB Datuk Panglima Musa Haji Aman..
Banner Sabah Youth National Forum (SYNF) 2010...Just For more information About anything regarding the Program of Majlis Belia Sabah, u can simply Check out this Link::: Ok..thats all for now folks.. Dadaaaaaa~


  1. Cyril,
    Thanks for your interest in the SYNF module. Plse. keep in touch with MBS and help us to help u i.e the net generation

    Mustapha Sakmud, MBS President.

  2. U r most welcome Sir.. Support MBS . . :-)