Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Its about movies!

Halo all!!
its been a while since i updating my blog
bout 2 months ago.. and its hell yeah!
hahahaha~ Nvrmind.. now im back!

As we all know..
fews movie came out and gives huge impact
to us.. the audience!
and for me, im attracted to 3 of this movies~
(a) The Avengers
(b) The Cabin In The Woods
(c) Battleship

Hmm.. u notice sumthing??
ya felt like this kind of formal way kan..
siap ada a, b, c lagi.. LOL
ignore it.. (skema kan..haiz) :p

These 3 movies are the awesome and will b
the awesomesttt (non exist word ar..jan gna d exam k) :p
for this whole 5 months of 2012 la..
For me ar.. klau kamu x stuju, p terjun parit..
wakakak.. joking ar.. :p

Sya kasi 4.2/5 stars.. :p

Sa kasi 3.9/5 stars (sbb alien dia sa bonci) :p

Jeng3.. trus ni yg sa paaaaaaling suka!!

 Ini knun sa bagi 4.5/5 stars :p

Ini la knun staring2 dia.. hehehe

Ini babak2 awal yg sa prasan org rmai tgk kn.. trus senyum2 knun dorg.. knapa tu ar.. hahahaha

Ini dasyatt..creepy kiss..freaks me out~ LOL

Oleh yang demikian, kamu pigi la tgk ni muvi2..
you will know how worthy it is to watch..
have a nice day everyone..
Tq n Tq...

Dadaaaaaaaaaa ~

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  1. suda tgok semua...Battleship kurang best, lagi best This Means War (cerita komedi..) :)