Sunday, February 19, 2012

My home-made dinner :)

Hello Guys! tadaaa~!!!
pakbr? sihat? hope sihat la..
mcm aku ne.. wlaupun
sakit hati, tp ttap sihat..
wakakak.. joke~ neglect it =.='

Hurm ya last nite..
i was bored and hungry.
and my sis ask me to cook
somethin for us..
and i just like "woo..must cook that  one"..
our usual recipe.. i meant..
what i used to cook la before..
but with a bit modified ingredients..
where i hav to use the chicken meat..
after my sis marinate it,
then i cut it into small pieces..
cook with 2 kind of sauce..
plus a chef flavour (ada knun ba.. teda ni :p)
then.. mix2 with apa yg perlu la..
in order to make it yummy~!!
and serve it with pieces of
carrot and cucumber..
at the end, let me serve ya!!
here it is..

Then, we ate it with a full of LOVE..
sekian. TQ c u.. Muahh!! (demam ka ko bilang,,)
hahaha.. lolz..

tu jala.. klau rajin lg mo masak, i will try..
try to test utk coba.. huh?? xD



  1. hai! saya baru follow blog awak. kalau ada masa nanti singgah la blog sy dan follow..blh share cerita (^_^)v

  2. hi syira rara..follow la belog sy jugak...hahaha...mcm x sedaaap ja tu cyril...wakakaa..

  3. tq syira.. ok i will.. :)
    thom..u shud try. haha xD