Monday, January 30, 2012

A walk of life

Welcome to my life~ again..
tweet tweet!! :D
Just a brief story to be share..
this was happen yesterday evening..
with my fews family, we went to the
beach and recreational park, which are the
Tg.Aru beach & Perdana park!
A place like no other.. KUNUN~
well, for sure.. its a common place for KK people,
right i right?!
i bet u nod your head or just smiling.. ahakz~
It was nice bcoz the days look gloomy..
and it seems to be fun..
to go out for a fresh air~
So we just sitting beside the beach ..
and there's a lot of people
especially the tourist, China-made..LOL~
yeah, think they were enjoying the sunset moment.. me too.. xD

Too busy talking, then i missed the sunset.
Oh my.. i just quickly took my phone out..
then randomly snap the views.
here it is~>

Nice blue belated sunset.. Lolz  
Then right after that,
we headed to Perdana Park..
Lotsa people jog..sitting around..
mumbling, and and the kids..
running to the the left..haha!!
their faces look damn happy..
really2 happy til i can see their mouth
was even wider and reach out over their cheek
whenever they smile! ^_____^
well, im happy to see that :)
then the best part was when
the music start, and the water is dancing like a shit!
haha.. really damn awesome!
I wont hesitate nor doubt anything..
took out my phone..
snap! snap! snap!
i got three colours of dancing water!
ya i know it just a common for ya
but i am enjoy capturing it..
Let see them~>

Blueee... like a deep ocean~
Greennn~ like the green green grass at home!!

Reddd~ Like "The Reds" of Liverpool! YNWA~
Then.. afterall.. the most important thing is..
The blogger.. who drinks plain water..

This part was a few minutes before
the rains fall down like a baby tears
for a sudden man~~ Shit..
then we ran to the car..
Vrooooommm~ Go back..
Clap your hands..
thats all peepz!
thanksss.. Muah!

next episode?? sooner :)



  1. what a beautiful sunset :)

    1. yeap.. really beautiful kn.. pgi la sana,, enjoy sunset :)

    2. perna sdh jg pg.. hehe someday lah.... :)tp lum prna nmpk sunset bgtu... hopefully nt dpt jg tgok :)

  2. getek... nice post.... :D suka aku baca

    1. mihir!! hahaha.. jan baca ja.. like la.. eeh ada button like ka juga ..wakaak! ;p