Saturday, January 14, 2012

Relaxing evening!

just came back from
"Taman Ujana Rimba"..
A placee..
for jogging and kidz playground~
bud sadly i din expect to go there.
and i just wear a slippers afterthat.

then, while watchin the kids play,
its better for me to remove my slippers..
and then walk throughout on the
stupid little cutie stone..hahaha!!
then its called "Foot RefLexology"...
and i felt nice, cool &  awesome..
even its hurt but i can see..
my foot can stand it more longer~
compare to the first time i step onto it!
arghh.. nice to spend time here..
just go back and yamchaa~ 100plus!
then i snap a bit pic for the
memories~ here it is..
The kids are playing!!

Reflexology-ing my foot! ahakz~
Thats all for now folks..

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