Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back with a song hahahah!

Hye all.
After a long silent from blogging,
now im back!
with still being a guy next door, 

and how i used to be :D

i think, its almost 5 months i didnt
update my greeny page. LOL xD
but now, just wanna tell u guys,
we r having such a long school holidays,
which sometimes,
make us feel bored and to think n act
something crazy! haha.

But..but..wait a sec..
singing? is it crazy thing to do? no bha kann..
hahah.. i just wanna test my voice.. no offense!
i know theres a lot of pitching probs
but i just wanna do it!!! for fun :)
bcoz i couldnt go &
yell like a mad cow at Kbox, right NOW!!
hahahahhahahah (Evil Laugh)! >:D

just a minute of "more than words" song.

Christmas song.. is yet to come..maybe!
(Nooooo bilang..say
Btw, Happy Advent y'all and Happy day ahead!


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