Tuesday, February 19, 2013

feb 2013

Another bad year for us after my dear mom
passed away 2 years ago..
Where my beloved sister departed to the arms of God yesterday..
And i hope her soul will be fine and rest in peace..
together with the soul of my late mom and late sis in the kingdom of God..
They are in heaven as God promises to unite all of us together

I love and miss my dear mom and dear sisters :'(

And may God protect my father, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces..
and all my family members..
Please stay and hold on coz i cant take too much trials o God.
Grant us your angel to guide us in this life..
To guide with your love and protection.
Into your hand Lord.


  1. Cyril, takziah ya...kuatkan semangat ya, kami2 masi ada sbg kawan...wlaupun jauh, sentiasa support ko jg...mmg besar cabaran utk kau ni, tapi aku tau ko kuat utk semua tu... semoga semuanya ok...always support u my fren :)

  2. thanks wan.. keep in touch always :)

  3. hi..u must be strong enough that's why u had to experience all those trials. God won't give us something we can't handle. and i'm pretty sure u r special in His eyes. be strong. :)