Friday, February 6, 2009

Lab MemoRies...yeZza~

~HaLo0o... Fuhh.. teda pa2 juga bha ni..
just want to ShaRe 0ur pic DuriNg kami
Lab mikrobiologi aNd BioTecH Asas...
SemPat gak Snap2 gmbR timE tu..waHahA.. ;-D

~As uSuaL, We HaVe t0 Make Our Lab RepoRt Evry WeeK!
Damn! hehehe.. Tp BesT ga.. Tensi0n jugak Kdg2..
DuNno Dat~ DunNo Diz~ So, Copy Paste La! haha..
Just JokinG^^

~KmaRin, We Had tO Stay in Library For almost 2Hours..
Just want to finD A Bit InformaTion About AgaRose GeL ELecTroPHoResiS
And PolyMerasE ChAin ReaCtion (PCR) For 0uR GenEtiC Lab..
Well, itS aLReady DonE! yahahaha.. Thank God~

~aLLRite.. WannA DownLoad SomE VidEo CLips Lu..
Hmm..c u again.. Have a nice dae.. dadaaa~


  1. yeah amik pic di lab tu mmg one of the procedures bha kan..lalala :p

  2. yaa... tul2... 100 markah di beri..haha :-D