Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's For FriendShip...

Here, THEIR means "It"...which..

~Had accompany our life..
~Had Most time 2gether..
~yet always care for us...
~Never forgetting..
~that always share even when
shiny or dark..
~and cheer up 0ur life when
happy even sad..
~Always make us smile, enjoy,
as well as entertain..
~support our spirituaL..that...
~give our days such meaningful..

~Eventhough sometimes it
going to breaks..torn..leak.. (T.T)

~But it manage to be ONE again..
~Connecting matter
what line did we use ( digi/celcom/maxis..haha)
~aLL Bcoz of the Love...weird? Open your mind..
~ya, Love of "It".. i repeat, LOVE of "It"!!!!
~That really last 4eva'.. (hope so)..

~Do appreciate it..
~Make it simple instead of complicated one..
~Dont ever disconnecting.. but if it occur,
try to be such wireless..think of it..

~"It" is really2 precious gift for our life..
~u know what is it?
~huh, cooL..!
~ya...its true..
~such a wise buddy u are..
~yup, we call it FRIENDSHIP...
~a SHIP that really best
forever & ever..

HapPy VaLentine's Day to aLL
my FrienDs Where Ever u aRe..
May God BLess u ALL~~~~


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